Monday, December 19, 2011

Feeling the Christmas spirit!

Monday morning.  I just finished up a very busy and fun December weekend.  I really felt the Christmas spirit flying around in the air!  I spent some time with family and friends, and heard the scripture of the angel telling Mary she will have a son and name him Jesus.  And, I heard and played some good Christmas music too!   Tis the season!

I'm about to make my final Santa.  Well, not really.  Mmy list isn't of good & bad children, but instead it's of what still needs to still get done by December the 24th.  Thankfully it shouldn't be too long.  No stress...    no, not allowing it.

I'm looking forward to this week ahead. The hubby is home ALL WEEK!  The daughters are coming in in time for Christmas. There will be more good times with family and friends.  Then, the Christmas message.  It's good - all good!

I'm feeling the Christmas spirit!   ( : 

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  1. I´m glad someone is. Me? Not so much. But maybe next year. I¨ll be glad when all is over.
    Enjoy the time with your girls!