Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tis the Season!

From now until Christmas day some of the best events, movies, and music are out there for the enjoying!  It's part of the reason why this can be such a wonderful time of year.  There are so many special one-time-a-year traditions to see and hear!   Some that I enjoy:

Brookgreen Gardens' Night of a Thousand Candles. If you don't live here, let me tell you that Brookgreen Gardens year-round is an amazing place to spend a day.  It's preserved land from an old plantation that has been beautifully changed into low-country style gardens, mixed with the largest array of outdoor sculptures.  For 3 weekends in December the staff and volunteers light it up at night with a gorgeous, tasteful display of Christmas lights.  It's like walking through a "winter wonderland"!!  (Without the snow - another bonus.)   To add to it, they have  musicians performing in various parts of the gardens, and offer cider, and wine, and other goodies.  It's a perfect evening - and a glorious time for the senses!

Our local town is a bit of an art & music colony so it's hard to pick and chose the wonderful music specials offered.  This Friday night the Charleston symphony is coming to perform.  And on Sunday I know of 3 events:  a choir & orchestra performance at the Presbyterian church, a handbell concert at the Surfside Beach Lutheran church, and the Hallelujah Chorus performed by local vocalists at one of the Episcopal churches.  

Then there is the tv specials, and the "must see" movies!  What are your favorites?   I can't go through this preparation time without watching "Christmas Vacation" for fun, and "White Christmas" for sentiment.   "The Peanut's Christmas" is short and sweet but absolutely perfect in it's message. 

My modern Ipod plays mostly old standard Christmas carols and songs during this time.   I admit I have downloaded some songs by my country music favorites but I still love hearing the traditional songs of the season.  I can listen to "Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer" once, but I never ever get tired of "Oh Holy Night" and "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas".  

Our children at church are putting on their Christmas pageant this Sunday morning.  Again, it's another "priceless moment" watching the young ones tell US about the baby Jesus and hearing those precious little voices singing! 

I hope you get the chance to experience similiar music and movies of the season.   I know, where-ever you live, there are special events scheduled.  What are you most looking forward to seeing or hearing?
What is your traditional event? 

Tis the season!  What a glorious time!

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