Thursday, December 22, 2011

The ying and the yang of Christmas

I've been thinking about this time and the emotions and the happenings that lead us up to Christmas.
It makes me think there's a lot of ying and yang at this time.  For instance:

Busy loud malls and bell ringers vs. the quiet of a "silent night".

Giving gifts to others vs. the true gift given to us.

People traveling vs. enjoying time at home Christmas morning.

Feeling rushed and upset with humanity vs. a bond of joy with each other for grace-given love.

Anticipation vs. wanting to be still and "savor" the special moment.

Expectations vs. pleasant surprises.

Simple words vs. unexplainable events.

I am sure you can add some too.  I think it's what can make Christmas such a hard time for people.  There is this ying and a yang thing happening.  It's hard to understand.  Sometimes we try to feel everything, and in doing so sometimes we just try to hard!   So, we relax. Try not to stress - to let it happen - to "get" the whole picture.  Rush -but be still.  Sing - but be quiet.

Christmas is about a baby being born in a back yard, in an out of the way barn.  Centuries ago.   Not in a modern hospital by special medical means.  A baby born of a very young, niave mother with no power or money.  Not the royal offspring of a well-to-do leader.  A baby "given" to us, but not because we wanted him BUT because we needed him.  A baby.  Tiny.  Normal to the eye.  But a one-time-only special son of God.  A part of God.  Actually God.  

A normal baby vs. God on earth.

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