Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pets rule!

So, it's just a little after 5:00am and I have already been out in the freezing, dark morning. I have already made 6 dishes of pet food - one dog, and 5 cat dishes.    In this house, pets rule!

Ok.  So, it started out as my mistake early, early this morning.  I awoke and had to get out of bed and go to the bathroom.  Natured called.  It was just enough stirring to wake up both Miss Honeybee (sleeping next to me in bed) and Midnight (sleeping somewhere close by.)    Once I got back in bed I tried quite hard to get them both to settle down.  I looked at the clock and moaned to them "It's too early!" 

Another mistake.  I talked to Honeybee!  The licking began.  Lick, lick, lick!  All around my face.  Then she threw her body on top of my face!  Somewhere during my morning Honeybee attack, Midnight jumped up on the bed - and made a beeline for my nightstand.   This is Midnight's favorite place to go for attention.   He has learned that items on my nightstand are easy to slide off and knock onto the floor. He has learned that I quickly react!!

In the past Midnight has knocked off coasters, papers and pens (he loves them), and once he knocked over my lamp.  Once he knocked off my phone's answering machine.  Side note: I no longer have a working answering machine so if you call me I may not get your message. 

My pets have won.  I'm up VERY early this morning!    In fact, I am up so early this morning I beat the newspaper man.  Really!  When I took Honeybee out for her morning business the paper had not yet been tossed out onto the driveway.  

The morning routine, even before my coffee, is to prepare the dog and cat food dishes.   I put on my back deck light as a sign to the outdoor kitties that it is time to eat.  Come and get it!   It's kind of like when Krispy Kreme turns on their "hot donuts" sign.   The cats never arrive all at once, so I put dishes out one by one.  I can't have one cat eat too much and not leave enough for the others.  Right?   Some get fed in the Carolina room, a couple prefer the back deck.  One, my stand-offish Galaxy, prefers his dish up on the railing so Miss Honeybee will leave him alone.  I try to count all five kitties each morning to make sure they get accounted for and fed.  They don't tend to show up at the same time.   Patches is usually last. I think he likes to keep his distance from Galaxy. 

So, as you can tell - here at the Fabian home PETS RULE!!   I adjust MY schedule to them.  And this is one very good reason, if I sit down to read a book for a little while in the afternoon it becomes naptime.  The sweet part, is I have a cute doggie cuddled up with me, and a kitty or two - or three - near by.

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  1. OMG I am cracking up at this post! This is SO US!!!! We sneak around trying to keep "the girl dog" (as we refer to her cuz if we say her name it's REALLY time to get up) to keep her from getting up. (Our boy Harley could care less!) And then - if we fail - each and everything you described begins.
    But somehow - I can't imagine life without them...
    When my boys were small, that's how I woke them up each morning - I told our Cocker Spaniel Chloe to "go wake up the boys" and she would go into each of their rooms, jump on their beds, and in the nicest way - wake them up. How can you wake up grumpy or in a bad mood when you get little kisses? It was perfect!
    I miss those days!
    Loved this post! you hit the nail right on the head! :)
    Merry Christmas!