Thursday, October 4, 2012

For Stan: A birthday homage

Today is my hubby's birthday!  Over the years that we have been together I have given him many gifts, and once I wrote a "love letter" for him (I know, just one? ha). I put together a scrapbook about "us" another time, and  have sent him flowers and balloons.

But, now, I have this blog where I can share my feelings and I can give him, and the world, a look into what a great person he is.  It seems the perfect place to tell a bit of his history and to look into what makes him so good.

Let's start at the beginning.  Hubby was born in the capital of the old south, Richmond, Virginia. He didn't live there all of his youth, but he was always in the south, and he was raised by a mother who instilled in him southern manners and language.  At times growing up he went through some rough challenges, but it only pushed him to pursue his education and to make a better life for himself and for the people he loved.  When I first met him those were attributes I found very charming!

Yes, by the time I met him he was an "up and coming" young businessman, willing to work hard and work long hours, due to a devotion to the business and a drive to move upward.   He never lived a boring life!  He worked hard, yes, but he PLAYED hard too!   Hubby was (and still is) an energetic, fun guy, great to have at any party.  He can talk to anyone.

We got married in 1984 and we traveled all the way across country for a new job opportunity; just two young people on an adventure together.  Our life in California was great because it became us together against a whole new world.  We both had new jobs, lived in a new area, etc.  Baby #1 came quickly and only 2 years later came baby #2.  My hubby was such an attentive Dad to these baby girls... and loved spending time with them.  He was "hands on" with them, and a proud papa all the way!

Years went by... moving, changing jobs, climbing the corporate ladder, and doing what was best for him and his family.  Hubby always balanced the work life and home life.  He made sure to be involved in raising the daughters - and he loved being a giving Daddy.  (I had the job of keeping the girls grounded.) 

As years have gone by, hubby has become a giving person where ever he sees there is need.  "To one given a lot, one is expected to give back a lot."   He's generous... without regrets, or without expectations.

 He's at a point in his life now,I think age-wise it's a pivotal time for a man, when he asks himself what he wants to do the rest of his life.  He has some ideas.  But changes will be coming, and for a man celebrating a birthday it's a bit scary as to what comes next.   Hubby has worked hard, played hard, and now needs to figure out what is next - and as equally satisfying. 

I know he will never be one to sit back and do nothing.  He will find something to fulfill him, and to make a difference to others.  He will continue to push, push, push...and make old age a valuable time.

So, I celebrate his birthday!  I'm glad I was the one he pursued at that time in our lives when we were ready to settle down. I thank God for putting us together, and giving us a solid foundation.  We have always looked forward in the same direction.  And, we have laughed when we needed it, and rarely cried, except tears of joy over major family events and when watching our daughters turn into amazing, loving, and happy adults.

Happy birthday hubby!  You are a good man - a role model for how to be a wonderful husband, father, friend, and boss!  I love you!   Enjoy YOUR birth - day!!! 


  1. Sorry I'm late...this was a nice tribute : ) Hope your hubs had a very happy day!

  2. What a nice tribute to your hubby. I know he will find what he needs to feel fulfilled and sounds like he has a great support system.