Monday, October 29, 2012

"Weather" it's right - or wrong...

As I write this post hurricane Sandy is getting ready to create all kinds of havoc on the mid-Atlantic and Northeastern coastline.  I'm living in South Carolina, an area usually known for it's hurricane scares.  Sandy stayed out to sea and went by us. She gave us a day of rain and some gusts of wind.  It's somewhat ironic that we are saved from the major effects but those in the north will not be.

I lived up in New Jersey for 12 years.   During that time we had our share of Nor'easters, usually big snow and wind events.  Once we had so much snow we needed to pay for a large construction earth mover to come and carry out the snow from our driveway.  Our back sliding door was completely covered to the top with a huge snow drift.  It took a lot of shoveling AND months of sun to melt away the snow from that one storm.  Plowed snow mountains were still visible in parking lots in April.

Yes, I know bad storms can hit other parts of the country. Of course, Florida has had it's share of hurricanes.  And we will never forget what Katrina did to the gulf region. 

But, I do find it interesting that the northeast gets so many various types of bad weather.   Blizzards, freezing rain, tornados, and hurricanes!

I am so happy to be away from all of that. 

This morning, I walked my doggie and had to "bundle up" because we are feeling the remnants of Sandy as she moved north.  It's breezy out.  And its too chilly for my liking.  The high only around 60 degrees today.  

But, all in all, it's a pretty good place to live. 

Be safe all you northerners!   I'd say "come on down", but it's too late this time.   And, I
 don't know...sometimes I just enjoy MY little piece of the world here and don't want it over-run and over-populated..  

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  1. I've always live in PA, so I don't know any other difference to the weather. Yes, I am in direct path of the hurricane and the cold front coming from the west.
    I remember 1995 being a really bad snow year. That sticks in my mind because I had to drive to the hospital in a bad snow storm to deliver my second son.