Friday, March 14, 2014

A Random Act of Kindness each day

So, as of today I'm about 10 days into Lent, which means I'm 10 days into my plan of doing a random act of kindness every day during the 40 day season leading up to Easter.

I have quickly discovered that sometimes it's just REALLY hard to find the place/person/time to do a random act of kindness each and every single day.  And, if I have to keep "looking" for it, then it really isn't random, is it?   Right?

I'm not totally giving up - and I still like the idea that I'm adding to my life instead of taking something away.  I'm just saying that my idea for doing something different during Lent is taking more effort than I thought it would…and maybe that's a good thing.  It's definitely causing me to think of new ways to show kindness when I'm out in my little part of the world.

Maybe I need to make a list…

* Paying for someone's food or drink.

* Letting someone get ahead of me in a line.

* Taking on a task someone else usually does.

* Surprising someone with a thank-you gift or card.

I'm trying to think of "acts" that don't necessary include money, although occasionally that is fine.  Seriously, everyone likes a bill to be paid, or a monetary gift given.  I get that. But, I'm trying to think of other ways to be kind when I normally am not…     and maybe it's as easy as saying hello to someone I don't know as I pass by them - or offer to help with pushing a shopping cart, or grabbing the item on the top shelf in the grocery store.

But this "keeping track" and doing a random act of kindness is quite the exercise!  (If only I could lose calories doing it. )

Who knew it could be so hard to be kind!?!?

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  1. I like the idea. One year I used the season of Lent to write 40 letters/notes to all sorts of friends, family, long lost contacts, a former youth leader, former camp counselor, etc. It was a great exercise and while I know everyone enjoys real mail, I think in the end it blessed me more than the receiver. Kindness is funny like that...enjoy your adding in : )

  2. Good for you! I bet you will find yourself doing it even after then it will be a habit! :-)

  3. The sacrifice of your time and the effort you make are what is important. I think you are doing a great thing!!

  4. What a precious thing to do for Lent and something we should be conscious of everyday, being kind. Blessings to you.