Monday, March 10, 2014


I have this feeling of joy spilling out of me as the first early days of Spring are finally here…  it seems I have waited so long.  It's been a tough winter.

The past two days have been sunny with temps reaching 70 in the afternoon.  Today is supposed to be another one.  And…tomorrow.  (After that I am in denial.)

So, since the spring has sprung for a few days I have already found myself at the garden center twice!  I'm so, so, so, anxious to see some flowers in bloom and to plant more in my yard!   The first time there I wandered around a bit to see what arrived, and I bought 3 cyclamen plants - just because I HAD to get something! Right?  I planted them in my backyard yesterday and I hope they do okay.

My second visit to the nursery I got a forsythia bush - and some hibiscus plants for around my bird bath at our riva place.   I have always wanted a forsythia bush because it's one of the first bloomers of a new year.  The yellow blooms are bright & cheery. It's interesting because they are not that popular here in the south, perhaps because we have such a wide variety of flowering bushes to choose from. But I found one and hubby planted it for me.   Then I planted the hibiscus and hope I didn't put them in the ground too early.  If I did I think I can cover them if we have a particular chilly night.

I have NO patience when it comes to bringing on Spring!!

Yesterday I "piddled" in my yard, cleaning up fallen sticks and debris, and just trying to "neaten" the place.  I noticed buds just about ready to open on some of the azaleas.  I saw the beginnings of flowers (the red tinge) on my Japanese Maple tree.  The Princess Anne rose vine is getting bits of green, and soon the flowers will pop.  My camellia bushes have flowers now!  

So, this morning, I'm sitting here wondering what I can do outside today.  I want to buy new plants for my poor pots that had things in them that could not survive the cold winter months.   The pots are so sad looking.  But…  I know it's too early.

I must find patience!

Just wait.  It's only a matter of weeks…      

Spring feels like it's here today.  But, not yet.  I need more patience!  


  1. When I lived in Ohio, there was a saying about having a other snow after the forsythia blooms - I forget exactly how it goes. Now that I live in Florida, the azaleas bloom in February and all the flowering trees are in full bloom right now. I wish I liked plants and gardening. I love seeing beautiful yards, and wish someone would adopt ours. I loathe yard work.

  2. Yes, I am "impatient" to get some" impatiens "in the ground and in my sad looking empty pots! But as you's a little too early!!

  3. It has been very nice (near 50*) here the last couple days here in western NY-THEN we heard the gossip..and then saw the weather channel..UPWARDS of a foot of snow Wed/Thurs. Yes, indeed..I guess spring is over with, lol. Just plum shameful, but since you didn't ask, I will refrain any furthur, lol. Would you, could you please take pictures? I would love to see the Hibiscus. Blessings

  4. Lucky you! I'd love to see some color right about now, but way too early here as you know. Mother's Day weekend is when the experts say we're safe from frost. May!! Its suppposed to be in the 40's today, but I think there are snow showers in our forecast on Thursday which is typical March weather. We'll all appreciate spring this year I think!