Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Hodgepodge - Don't cry about it!

It's a rainy Tuesday here as I type at my computer.  I know a major line of storms is coming in a bit later and many across the center of the US have been hit already.  I hope my Hodgepodge friends are all safe!

Here are this week's questions and my answers.  As always, please feel free to play along!

1.  What's your favorite time of day?  Why? 

Right now… early morning time is my favorite time of the day! I love getting up and spending time with my computer and a cup of coffee.  I read updates on FB, and check my emails.  I occasionally post on my blog.    Morning time is my time to plan out my day and make a list of what I want to accomplish.  It's the time I feel my brain is most sharp.  (And, some days I worry that it's not…   lol)

I also read the morning newspaper.  Question:  Do you still get a daily paper delivered?  Or do you get your news off the computer and TV?    I still enjoy reading local news from our newspaper AND I pull the crossword puzzle out each day to help keep the ole brain sharp.

2.  Waffle iron, toaster, coffeemaker, mixer, blender.  Which small appliance would you say most needs replacing in your house? 

Here's the comedy question for the day!  I do not own a waffle iron, a toaster (I have a toaster-oven), or a mixer.  I get a long just fine!  Remember I do not cook much and I do not collect small appliances.   My hubby uses a blender most days for his special vitamin concoction.  And, our Keurig coffeemaker gets used all the time.   Both are rather new.

3.  It's National Grouch Day on October 15th…   What's something that makes you feel grouchy? 

Well I try not to concentrate on things that make me feel grouchy.   Life's too short.  To tell you the truth, back ten years ago or so I was a more grouchy person due to hormonal ups and downs, and anxiety/depression issues.   Now I take my "happy pill" each morning and life is a lot more rosy!   Thank God for modern medicine.

But, what makes me grouchy?   Lack of sleep.    Being stuck inside for long periods of time.

4.  Ever been to Canada?  Is this a country you'd like to visit?  According to Trip Advisor the top ten best destinations in Canada are - Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Victoria, Calgery, Niagra on the Lake, Whistler, and Halifax.   Which city would you most like to see? 

I have been to Canada several times.  The first time I was a kid on a family vacation and we stopped at Niagra Falls.  Although I don't remember if we actually crossed over into Canada, I'm guessing we did.  I then went to Toronto when I was in my 20's.  Back before being married I worked for a rock radio station and we played music by the band Triumph, and they were Canadians, based out of Toronto.  The manager of the band and I became "friends" (I"ll leave it at that! ha) and I went up one weekend and he showed me all around.

Later, happily married, hubby and I drove up to Quebec City from NJ.  A road trip through New England!  We stayed at the Hotel Frontenac in old town QC and it was lovely!  We were there over July 1st,  which is the Canadian Independence Day, so we saw a parade and everything was festive!

Of the places listed, I think I might like to see Vancouver because people rave about what a cool city it is.  I'd have to go in summertime though!

5.  What was your favorite food (or one of your favorites) when you were a child?  Is that still a favorite?  

When I think of favorite foods from my childhood I think of some of my Mom's dishes…  she made apple dumplings, a tuna casserole with potato chips, and homemade cheesecake topped with cherries.   Yum! I should make them occasionally…  but I don't.   Part of the reason I don't cook a lot is I feel I will eat more and I am careful about my weight.

A favorite food item for me has always been peanut butter.  I loved it as a kid and I still love it now and eat it almost every single day.

6.  Do you cry easily? 

Well, back to question 2….   I used to cry easily.  Especially in my 40's when I was going through crazy hormonal changes and life angst.  I wasn't as happy with myself.   So, I cried too easy.  Here's a secret - I let it out in the shower….   because nobody knew!

Now, I don't cry as much…but I don't have REASONS to cry unless tears of joy!

7.  Have you started your (gasp!) Christmas shopping?  If so, when and how much?  If not, when will you begin thinking about it? 

I have picked up a few things when I am out shopping and see them, and think they would be nice for  stocking stuffers, or whatever.  I put purchases away and revisit them after Thanksgiving.  I am fortunate that my hubby likes to also Christmas shop - especially for our daughters.  in fact, he goes overboard - he always has.  I have another question for my Hodgepodge friends:  when do you cut back on gifts for your adult children?  When they get married… or perhaps when the grandchildren come along?  I mean, I love getting my daughters lots of gifts but there has to be a time when we slide into a nice "couples gift" and perhaps put emphasize on gift giving to the young ones.  Right?

8.  My random thought. 

Do you have a team you are rooting for in the major league baseball championships??   I have always been more into the American League, and have always been an Orioles fan.  I lived in Baltimore for years back in the 80's, back when the O's had some great teams and players.  Once a "bird brain" always a "bird brain".  But, I have Royals fan friends too.     Who are you hoping to see go on to the World Series?

Have a great week!



  1. We're big Oriole fans here too. We lived in the area during Cal's heyday which was so much fun! Sadly, I think this year KC is just a little bit better team. With my daughter moving to WA I think I will get to see Vancouver sometime in the next few years : )

  2. It would be fun to get a daily newspaper, but out here it would come to us a day late, so we get our news from the computer. I hate relying on TV for news. They all have the same talking points. If we want to hear 'the rest of the story,' we go to the computer.

  3. Our team didn't quite make it, so we're cheering on the Orioles. :)

  4. Great answers! We read the papers on line these days. It is too expensive to buy a paper.

  5. l don't like/appreciate/enjoy baseball. Though, when I was growing up, I did enjoy going to Braves' games with my granddaddy. But mostly because I loved time with him not because of baseball. It is better in person but I'm a football fan. It is my life from August through the first week in February. I mostly read newspapers online because, for some reason, if I pick up a real one, I will fall asleep reading it. LOL