Thursday, April 30, 2015

A look back at the wedding.

A few days have gone by now since my daughter #1 got married.  It all happened this past Saturday.  Ceremony and reception.   Pre-parties, and post-dinners too.  After many months of preparing for it, making decisions, lining up catering, deliveries, ordering the cake, the take-home favors, the special decorations, and more...the day came.  The two are married.  A new beginning has started.

Here are a few of my thoughts about it.

It was all worth it! 

All the time I put into planning it for my daughter and her fiance, who live in another state and were unable to be hands-on with it, was a true labor of love and the pay-off was wonderful!   I'm a bit prejudice I know, but I think the whole day came together well, and there were many, many special moments.

The vision my daughter & her now husband, and I,  had for how the day would go - actually happened. What a blessing!

Here are some random thoughts...

* There's nothing better than seeing your adult child marry a wonderful person, knowing that although perhaps life will be tough at times, they will be there for each other. They are off to a great start in their life together.  I know they will have amazingly happy moments together.  I hope I can share in their joy as the years go by.

* Weddings bring so many people together! I never thought of it so much before working on this wedding.  Important people (family & friends) from childhood, from school years, from college and beyond... all came to witness the wedding.  Families joined.  New friendships were formed.  It's a really a beautiful thing that happens at weddings. 

* Weather!  The one thing none of us can control.  The biggest worry of it all!  I admit I stressed ahead of time, especially as we got within a week of the big day.  The forecasters were predicting 100% chance of rain.  All along I asked/begged people to pray for good weather.    Guess what?   It did not rain during the ceremony or reception.  In fact, the skies cleared halfway through the reception and the weather improved as the day went on.   Did the prayers work?   I think so.  I kept telling myself ahead of time if it did rain NOT to blame God, but now I feel thankful to Him...

*  My daughters have some of the most wonderful friends!  I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with them and am assured that the "next generation" is awesome! 

* Music and dancing make you feel great!  Do it and do it often!

* Hubby and I are VERY lucky to have wonderful new family... we actually love the groom's extended family.  They are warm, and fun, and loving.  

* Not all the little things we planned happened exactly as planned.  But, it's okay.  I was told early on:   Good food, good music, good drinks.    It makes a good party.  And it did!  Don't worry about every little detail. 

* Professional wedding consultants are under-rated.  I did a lot of the early contacting and preparing, but I could NEVER had done what the consultant did during the wedding week.   Her timeline, her follow-up calls, her calmness were a gift to me.  I was able to be "mother of the bride" and enjoy the fun of the wedding week.

* I can't thank everyone enough.  Really.  For those who came - for those who cared - and shared the moment.  It meant so much to all our family! 

I'm still "high" from the day and the time leading up to it.   I so look forward to seeing the professional pictures, and I look forward to seeing the new Mr. and Mrs. when they return from their honeymoon.

It was a beautiful "moment in time" that lingers with me.  The day really shouted hope, and joy, and love.  What a blessing!! 


  1. I am so, so happy for you, and share all the sentiments. It's indescribable joy and peace to place your child in the loving care of someone you adore,

  2. I love how you wrote this up. From the heart!
    Best to all!
    I think it is great you have a fun relationship with his folks.