Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Wave the American flag!

It's Hodgepodge time and this week we take this space to think about celebrating our great country. With the 4th of July coming up, it's a good time to be patriotic, and to temporarily put away the things that separate us and together honor the wonderful diversity we all share!   In other words, remember we are a country founded on many different backgrounds. Our ancestors came here to find a new land, and to live peacefully.  We are still working on it!

1.  On Saturday, July 4th America celebrates her independence. What is your favorite thing about the day?  Your favorite food on the 4th?  Do you fly a flag at your house?   Fireworks - yay or nay?  Any special plans this year?  

The 4th of July has become a traditional time to get family & friends together here!  I look forward to it each year, because we invite a mix of those around us....and it turns into an all day (sometime all weekend) time to enjoy food, drink, games, boating - all things summertime! 

In the past we have started the day by going to our town's parade.  It's got a very local feel - and is lots of fun to see how people decorate their cars, their boats on trailers, golf carts, etc.    Yes, I think we will head there again this year. 

Then we spend the rest of the day at our "riva cabin"  (that's how you say river in the south) and we cook out and play games.  Some go boating, others play volleyball, ping pong, etc.  My hubby is in charge of games and activities!

Favorite food?   Not one particular food.  We have a nice mix of American and southern picnic cuisine!

YES we fly several flags!  We keep two American flags flying at the riva all year long - one by the cabin, and one on the dock.

I also have bunting for our porch railings.

Fireworks?   I love to see them.  We used to go to the beach and watch but the rules have changed in recent years and locals can't shoot them off freely anymore.  (Something about fear of burning down oceanside homes!  ha!)   Now, if I go somewhere to see them then that's great.  Often I'm just happy to chill at the riva by that point and enjoy the evening with friends.

2.  What's something you recently got for free? 

I can thing of lots of answers like love, grace, doggie licks - but a "thing"....      hmmmm.   Well, I won two tickets to a Tim McGraw concert that is coming up on Saturday, July 11th.  Most of you  know I'm a huge fan...and actually, I already have two tickets that I purchased, BUT I entered a contest and have won 2 tickets... and I think I have also won the opportunity to stand on the side of the stage for 2 or 3 of his songs.   I'm pretty sure I won because I already had to send a copy of my ID and fill out release forms.  I'm just a bit apprehensive, and I am thinking it's "too good to be true."   I will let you know AFTER the 11th.  If you read in the paper about a crazy woman at the concert, then, yep, I won!   lol

3.  The Statue of Liberty, the Liberty Bell, the Washington Monument,  or Mount Rushmore... how many on the list have you seen?   What is your favorite historical monument, and why? 

I have seen all but Mount Rushmore.  It's a bit "out of the way."    My favorite monument?  I think The Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC.  It's "overlooked" when it comes to DC sights to see.  But it sits in a beautiful place... especially when the cherry blossoms are blooming.

4.  When it comes to the news are you more ostrich (stick your head in the sand)  or hog (they have room to take a whole lot in)?  How much attention have you given the recent news regarding ISIS and the acts of terror they've perpertrated against those who do not share their beliefs or support their cause? 

I  try my best to stay on top of what is happening locally, nationally and internationally.  Really, it's a small world - we need to be aware of what is going on.  I do not want to be glued to the TV and get depressed, which is easy to do.  But, I also want to know enough to be educated on the events in the world - and to PRAY for specific needs.

The local news & national news have been intense lately - with the Charleston shootings, and the confederate flag issue here in my state.  Also, the escaped killers in NY has been one of the top events in the media.   But, the recent alerts by our country to be vigilant about terrorism happening in the US as we get close to our 4th of July holiday is alarming.   ISIS continues to work on recruiting here, and in causing terror around the world.  Pray, pray, pray.

5.  We're talking plain ice cream...   vanilla, chocolate, strawberry?   Choose one.

Chocolate !

6.  Share a song you love containing the word "stars" in the lyrics or title?  

You know I have to mention a Tim McGraw song:  "When the Stars Go Blue"

I also love Keith Urban's "Even the Stars Fall 4 U"

But for patriotism, it's got to be Sousa's "Stars and Stripes Forever"  !!

7.  Describe and/or say goodbye to June with an acrostic. 

Good start
On to
By the water
Ever stay.

8.  My random thought. 

I can't believe we are almost to July!  I always feel that summer flies by... do you?   As a kid summer vacation seemed to go quickly and we didn't start back until after Labor Day.  And now many schools start back in August when it's still very hot.  As an adult AND a summer-lover, I still think we need to slow down the summer... make it last!     Got any good ideas HOW????   

Be safe and enjoy your National Holiday celebrations this weekend!   



  1. Oh wow! Winning concert tickets! Hope you have a great time.

  2. Nice post. Hope you have won - look forward to a full report. Have a good 4th July.

  3. I agree with you on the Jefferson Memorial. It's so nicely situated!
    The kids in the school system where I work go back to school 3 Aug; the 2 city school systems here go back on 27 July. Crazy.

  4. Your 4th sounds nice and relaxing. Like all summer days should be! Our summer is off kilter, but trying to make the best of it. Enjoy the 4th!

  5. The Jefferson memorial is lovely and I would really enjoy seeing all he cherry blossoms around it in full bloom. Wow! That would be something to see.

  6. Love how you celebrate the 4th of July! How exciting to win those tickets, enjoy the show. No ideas how to slow summer down. The year is just flying by.....

  7. Sounds like a fun 4th you have planned, Marla! Hope those tickets to see Tim pan out for you! Lucky!

  8. I didn't even think of "The Stars and Stripes!" How appropriate is that song for this blog post. Yes to the chocolate and to your acrostic. It's good to read that someone else is interested in what is going on around us. I don't think we can ignore and still know what to pray for. So, good answer. Enjoy your 4th!

  9. Fantastic acrostic -- you have the touch!

  10. Summer does fly by though it never seemed to before I started teaching. LOL Have a wonderful 4th!

  11. As I get older time does seem to pass more quickly. As far as being a role model goes, perhaps you're right. I just love being married to SWMBO. Also, I learned from God how to love my beloved with the agape type love. Thanks for the "Anniversary" love. SWMBO and I appreciate it.