Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I may regret this.

Here's a confession:  Sometimes I type up little rants on my blog, but then I don't publish them.  I feel better just taking some time to put my thoughts down on paper (so to speak) and to get them out of my head and heart.

So, this may happen here, now.   BUT...if you are reading this right now, then I got too brave and pushed the "publish" button.

It's Wednesday, and this Saturday is the South Carolina Democratic Primary.  The Republican primary for the state happened this past Saturday.  (I still don't get why the primaries are held on separate days. It sure seems like a waste of money to open polls on two  different days. But, as we know, the two parties won't compromise on anything,  even primary dates.)   Unless you have been living under a rock, or have sworn off television and other media for lent, you know what is happening out there in the world of politics. 

Here's my take:   But first, reader:    You can "x" out right now and head back to reading something else if you want to go about your merry way.   Really, that's fine.

I warned you.

American people are so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so tired of the meanness, and the lies, and the way the political system doesn't work for them, that they have said...  we will show you!   We will vote for the worst possible person to ever be considered for the office of President to get back at you!! So there! ha!    You who are the out-of-touch party leaders, and candidates, and "news" media people.   Yes - YOU!!    See what we can do???  

So, now what?

Republican party leaders are sweating, and the Democrats are watching in amazement over it all right now. 

But, here's the thing I worry about.   How long will this "game" go on?   Do the people who are voting for Donald Trump and are letting him win because they want to send this message... will they stop?  Will they get what they are doing?    I hope they do, and soon.   Because if nothing changes and Donald becomes the Republican choice...   well,  hum...   um...  I'm totally at a loss!  What will happen to us??  Like I said, this is not a game.

I have written on this blog before about my beliefs.   Yes, you all know I am strong on equal rights, gun control, women's issues, peaceful tolerance, raising the minimum wage, improving education, and putting money into social concerns.   I have done my homework and I have checked where the candidates stand on the issues that are so important to me.  I have made my decision.  I know which of the candidates believe one way, and the ones that don't.   I don't need 6 more months of more campaigning, polls, and media coverage to tell me.  I already know.  

So, I need to ask the people who have put the Trump signs in their yards and have been filling the halls to see him as a celebrity...   WHAT HAPPENS IF HE BECOMES OUR PRESIDENT?

Have you really thought about it?   Have you pictured him dealing with Congress? Picking a Supreme Court appointee?  Have you wondered just how he can ever be diplomatic?  How he will represent our country around the world?  Just how quickly he will decide to push the button for war?   How he really thinks about minorities and the poor?  How he looks at women?  

I am shaking my head (really shaking all over) as I think about it.    A wall will not solve any problem.  A joke will not.  A businessman who has gone bankrupt in the past should not make decisions with our money.  A promise without a plan will do nothing.

Wake up!!!   The message has been heard.    but, it's time to get real now.  It's time to look at the whole picture.   Think about what is going on. 

I have to say, I am thankful we do have a democratic system of checks and balances because if for some reason Trump makes it to the Oval Office, our country has a way to keep going.  You thought the Republicans held President Obama hostage?  Just watch what happens if Trump gets elected.  

So, okay...

If you have read this far, and you are my friend and a Trump supporter, I still love you.   I disagree, and I ask you to re-think your choice.  But, I also realize that we all have free minds and various backgrounds, and different political & economical concerns.  I know a few of you will be mad at me right now over this.  Free world. My blog.  You are welcome to write a post too.

 Hmmm...   should I push the "publish" button?     Should I speak my mind on MY blog, or should I go along my merry way?  

Here goes.


  1. My thoughts exactly. I'm shaking too. Have a great day!

  2. Thank You for sharing! You are so right, various backgrounds, and different political & economical concerns. Just remember he is only 1 man, there are going to be advisors and others looking on. I think Trump supporters are really just looking for change and a career politician isn't going to make that happen.

  3. There are many different political views and we each have the right to our own opinions. I have yet to decide which of the Republican candidates I'm leaning toward, but I'm not 100% sold on any one of them yet. I do think that Donald Trump says what many Americans are thinking or wish they had the nerve to say. Americans are angry and fed up with the way things have been going and that's one reason he's become so popular. I want someone who's a Christian to become President, first and foremost, and who can be trusted and be a strong leader for our country. We have a long road ahead until next November.

  4. I have voted for my choice on the Republican side. People are sick of the way things have been handled over the past eight years and fearful of the possibilities of a socialist or a woman who has proved over and over that she is not trustworthy. I think people are listening to what Trump says because they are upset, but I believe they are acting on their emotions and not logic. I hope and pray we don't see Trump become president. I'm with April. I want to see a Christian and someone who can be strong and trustworthy. I too am hesitant to push the publish button, but remember, you did bring up the subject. 😉