Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday morning quarterbacking

Hello everyone.  Have you had enough football now?

Here are some of my thoughts on the Super Bowl gala and game, and other events of the last week.

* First, I am proud of the Carolina Panthers for the amazing season and the months of excitement they gave the people of North and South Carolina! 

* I think the Panthers got caught up in the hoopla too much.  First time around for many of the players.  Hard to stay humble.  Hard to be focused.  More Broncos were seasoned and handled it well.   That one call early in the game that went against the Panthers on the pass catch/fail started the downward spiral. 

* Talk about going from a major up to a major down.  Saturday night:  Cam is named NFL Player of the year!  Rivera is Coach of the year!!   Sunday night: Cam can't throw a pass.  Word has it the Broncos players enjoyed putting it in Cam's face during the game.  "Dab this!" 

* It was nice to see Peyton go out on top the way he did.  I do really like him.  Who doesn't?  He's classy - and I love his commercials!  It was also great to see all the Super Bowl MVP's over the years introduced during pre-game! Although - really, the booing from the crowd for some of them was uncalled for. 

* Commercial favorites?   I loved the Ryan Reynolds one.  Of course!! I loved the extended Super Bowl babies commercials. The shorter version didn't make sense.   Some ads were strange and made me question that the companies spent all that money for them..  What was the pug - monkey - baby??  Creepy.   And Turkish Airlines?  I'm still confused about all the movie stuff. 

* Lady Gaga killed it!  She has certainly changed her image! And, she has proven herself with her singing ability.

* Halftime:  I thought it was okay.  It's was nice to watch Chris Martin.  My husband enjoyed watching Beyonce.  We both loved watching Bruno!!

I love watching football and am sad to see another season end.  Cam didn't handle his press conference well.  But, really, he was so dejected, and upset with himself.  The reporters were annoying.  Why make the losing QB hold a press conference?  Just seems mean.   He needs to grow up and be humbled a bit, and this may have done it.

On to other things...

It was another interesting week in the life of my church.   I'm not going to get into details...because, really...  isn't church the place to have acceptance, and love, and tolerance, and peace?    But we live in the real world and we have differences of opinion and real hurts there.  

Politics:  oh no.  The New Hampshire primary is tomorrow, and then the candidates all come racing down here to South Carolina.  I really plan on keeping my TV off, and will do my best to stay away from the mud-slinging.  There is so much wrong with our political system.  So much wrong with the way we narrow down the presidential candidates.  I am still amazed how much time and money goes into the Iowa caucus night.  All for flipping a coin in some places?  Really?

I love my Fitbit, and it has caused me to increase my physical activity - and that's a good thing... until I overdid it somehow and have now hurt my foot!  Too much walking?  I don't know.   Now I can't do anything without some foot pain.  Dang.  Not happy.   So, should I wrap it and take Aleve and forge ahead?    I'm going to try that today.

The rain stopped!  We didn't get snow (yeah!!) but we got lots and lots of rain and wind.   I really want to get outdoors today.     The sun is out.... it's a new Monday - a new week ahead! 

Time to get started!   See you tomorrow for the Hodgepodge.


  1. I'm a Bronco fan, so was really happy to see a win there. I thought the press conference was unfortunate, but they know going in they're going to be asked questions win or lose. Cam needs to take a lesson from more experienced players. Part of being a pro is losing with grace and maturity. He had a great season, but walking out of the presser is what people are talking about. And I wish he could have used the moment to encourage his many young fans that this is part of life, that we learn from our losses and try to do better the next time. The message his behavior sent wasn't good. I'm so happy for Peyton, and I hope he retires. He has a lot to offer in the coaching or owner/management field. This is a good way to wrap up a playing career.

  2. I felt like the game was a win-win situation for me. We lived just outside of Charlotte when the Panthers came into existence, and Peyton is a favorite son here. I have a new found respect for Lady Gaga...her voice is amazing & she was very respectful.

  3. I love the Wiener dog commercial. :) I enjoy football; however, my super bowl is the Daytona 500 in 2 weeks. Lady Gaga has been showing she really can sign just about anything. She was amazing. It hurts when things happen in church; however, we are human and that shows up everywhere here on earth. I have a Garmin and it has helped with tracking my sleep. Hoping to get back into the gym habit next week. Hope your foot heals up quick! See you at Hodgepodge tomorrow!

  4. You had some interesting observations. I didn't see the post game press conference but have read some things about it. Peyton is a classy guy and I too hope this was his last game. He really didn't play very well, but he didn't need to with his offensive line and defense doing their jobs. I would sure hate to see him get hurt again. Commercials? I thought with one or two exceptions, they were silly and meaningless. Like you, I can't imagine throwing that kind of money away on nothing of significance. Lady Gaga: Check! Dressed appropriately and did a pretty good interpretation of the National Anthem. Half time? Enjoyed nothing and resented the Black Lives Matter references - not the place. All in all it was a good game and I'm glad I stayed up and watched the whole thing.