Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A bit of this and that.

Good morning.   It's Wednesday and I haven't seen the Hodgepodge questions pop up yet so I thought I'd take a few minutes to blog anyway.  So, bear with me...

* We are smack dab in the middle of summer heat.  Around here the month of July was the hottest on record - meaning each day averaged hotter than days from past July months since it's been recorded.   Of course, hot is hot - but , as we know, it's all about the humidity too!  And, it's been dripping, disgustingly humid out.  I have tried to do outside yard work early in the day but even then it's been crazy hot and wet!

But - mind you, I still LOVE summertime better than cold winter months.

*  I'm watching Headline News this morning.  It's my 'go to' for quick updates on yesterday and last night's news.   How about that golfer who hit into the group in front of him? Tthen a fist fight started!   Golf is known as a gentlemen's sport.  A game of rules and respect.   Hmmm, another sign of our world today?

By the way, why is Hines Ward doing sports now?   He's not good - and I feel bad for the sports guy who had the job before him.

*  Everyone knows I love Stephen Colbert!   His humor on political news and events is always very funny AND very 'spot on' to what craziness is happening.  Trump has been awesome for Colbert and the other comedians.   I mean, every single day Trump says something stupid... unpresidential.  Just how do people even really think of him as leader of the free world??  I'm totally baffled.

* Sorry. no more political comments. Thankfully the conventions are over.  Maybe the news will quiet down about it all until we get closer to the election.  Ha!!!   I can dream!!

*  I am now a homeowner of TWO homes. (Not by choice.)   One home just on the market.   Today I have a showing for the bigger home that is for sale.  And,  at the same  time I have someone coming to the new place to do some work in it.  It is becoming a juggling act.  I am excited about the new place and the updating we have done so far.   But - please, can someone put an offer on the house for sale??   It would certainly make me feel better about everything.

* As time goes by... I really do get annoyed with my body!   Ha!   Last evening my wrist started to hurt when I moved it....why??  I don't remember doing anything to pull it.  I didn't carry anything really heavy yesterday.  I didn't bang it.   What?  Why?   These days I wake in the morning and my first five minutes are all about working out the stiffness in my back and legs.  I walk like an old person when I get out of bed.  WHAT!?!!  Stop it body!    I know I need to stretch more...   my hubby used to always say "a stretched body is a happy body"... and I get it.  He is right.

*  I am excited about the new pastor and family coming to our church!!   He starts this coming Monday - and that is after a year without a full-time pastor.  It's normal to go a year in the Lutheran have an 'interim pastor,' and to put together a 'Call Committee' (I was a member) and to research our needs, and then interview and visit candidates.   During the past year we have had several issues that have rocked many people in the church.  Some have left and some have dug in deep and held on to their church with conviction.   I am ready for the corner to be turned... for our focus to be serving God, and loving our community.   We are all different but we share our love for a God who knows us individually - and accepts us as we are.

*  Tonight is the special on TV - "CMA:  Country Music's Night to Rock".  It's a two hour concert that was filmed at the 4 day CMA Festival.  The footage really comes from the night time live performances at the Nashville Titans stadium.  All day long, each day,  there are 5 or more stages with live music happening too, not to mention all the honkytonks with live music too.  But, it's not included in the show.   The TV show is fun to watch for sure... it's got the big name artists on it.  Luke, Keith, Blake, Carrie, Miranda - all those we know by their first names!    I question why the word "rock" is in the title.  Seems dumb.  It's country music - not rock.    It's worth watching...and I always enjoy seeing it AGAIN after being there live.

All for now... got to clean this place and get ready for the house showing.

I hope you have a wonderful, warm (HOT) Wednesday!!

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  1. The heat and humidity is killer this year. I really don't remember it being as bad last summer. But when I can't do anything outside, it's bad. The last time Tucker and I walked in the early morning was weeks ago and it was the last time because he sat down and refused to move and I had to carry him the last half mile. That's it for walking until it cools off a bit. LOL I love Stephen Colbert too! He's so funny and, every once in a while, he goes onto Donor's Choose and buys all SC teachers' whatever they have on the site. It's awesome! That's how I got the Mindstorm Robots for the lab. I hope you get your house sold and that the people working on the new one do the job right and timely. :)