Monday, July 2, 2018


Happy Independence Day week!   With the holiday falling mid-week it seems that it has turned in to a week long celebration.  Some people, like my own family, got together this past weekend.  Some will gather on Wednesday (the 4th of July), and some will celebrate next weekend.  

This time of year makes me think about our country a lot...  I mean, shouldn't we all?   It's the time of year when we remember how the United States of America became a free country, no longer ruled by the Brits from across the ocean.  Back then, it was a wild land. I can't even imagine the toughness it took to survive the terrain, the weather, the sickness, and then the brand new laws of the land. 

Those who wrote and signed the Declaration of Independence were so smart in their vision.  They set up a democracy, and they knew freedoms were important.   They also knew laws had to be created to keep everyone safe and civil.   Starting a new country!!  How huge a task!! 

Of course, they never could have totally foreseen how our country would grow.  They could never imagine the advances in transportation and technology.  The advances in medicine - and in weaponry.  Therefore in my mind, although the Declaration and the Constitution are both amazing documents, they were written with the minds of that time (great that they were) and unable to fully answer the needs that would come along as time went by.   So, ta-da... amendments were added!    Now, I'm no American history scholar, and in fact, when I think back to my school education about the US, I think it was rather lacking (maybe it was just me)...  it was not taught with excitement, and certainly not made personal.  As an adult looking back now I know it was one-sided. I think I have learned more over the years by reading books on my own.  

This year, as we celebrate our independence from England, we also need to think of our DEPENDENCE of each other in this country.  We couldn't live as we do in America without each other!  Our country is founded on welcoming those hungry and in need, those wanting a better life.   That's how it started and it is how it is today (even though some want to change it.)   Democracy needs to have many people working together, using their particular talents, sharing in a love of the land...  wanting ways to make it consistent, and equally wonderful.     The founding fathers did not say "you are on your own"... "good luck, and do what ever you want to do". 

So, we don't celebrate Independence Day alone.  That just wouldn't be fun.  We don't decorate just for ourselves.    We don't like to watch fireworks all by ourselves.     The love of country is for us ALL, to celebrate together.  It's the time to think back on how we got to where we are now.  It's time to think of the GOOD we all feel about America.    It's important we do that....because it's easy to only think of the problems.  It's easy to get upset about all the politics.   That is for sure!!

But this week, all this week, let's focus ourselves on the DEPENDENCE we ENJOY with each other!   We all make up America.      We.All.Make.Up.America.  

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