Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Floating on air and water

I almost forgot about today's Hodgepodge questions because I'm preparing to leave for Nashville to go to the CMA Festival.  I'm "floating on air" in expectation of 4 days of seeing amazing country music and spending the time with my daughter & her boyfriend.

Today's questions have a little something to do with "floating in the river" and that's something I really enjoy.   So, read on!

1.  Have you learned more from success or failure?  Explain.

I think the PC answer is that I learned more from failure.   And, throughout my life I am sure I have learned from making mistakes, and not doing a project the right way, etc.  But, I
 tend to be a very organized person and I like to have my "ducks in a row" when it comes to everything.  I'm not big on surprises.  So, I "prep".  I learn from being pro-active and I prepare myself for situations, or projects, best as I can.   Not everything is successful, but I give it my best.

2.  What did you call your grandparents when you were growing up?  I
f you have children, what do they call your parents?  If you have grandchildren, what do they call you? 

When I was growing up I called my mother's parents "Grandma" and "Grandpa".  My dad's parents were deceased.   My children have had more original names for their grandparents: "Nannie" and "Gandy", and "Grammy" and "Grandpa."    I do not have grandchildren yet, but am anxiously awaiting the day!  They can call me anything they want - as long as they call me!!!  ( :

3.  You're invited to a luau.  In keeping with that theme, what dish will you bring to share? 

I am not a big cook, and I am not experimental in the kitchen, so I would probably bring something basic... perhaps chicken with pineapple.   Yes, pineapple would be in the dish. 

4.  Besides Jesus, what one person's life story  do you think everyone should know about? 

Tough question.  I suppose I would like people to know more about the "everyday man" who pulls themselves up by the bootstraps, works hard, lives honestly, is compassionate, and doesn't go looking for stardom.    

5.  "Don't sweat the small stuff."   Agree or disagree. 

Definitely agree!!!   People who "worry" all the time are just hurting themselves - mentally and physically.   Small stuff comes and goes... but with faith in God and His assurance of love and eternal life, it doesn't matter.  

6.  June is National Rivers Month.  When were you last on a river? What's the prettiest river you've seen?  what's a river you'd like to see? 

Wow. This question is perfect for me.   We have a cabin on the Black River here...and spend time there each week.  We actually spent all day this past Saturday out boating with friends...on the Black River, the Peedee, the Waccamaw, and into the Winyah Bay.   I love boating the rivers of the lowcountry!  It's beautiful and peaceful.    I would have to say this is the prettiest area with rivers I have seen.  What river would I like to see?    I suppose the Jordan because of it's Biblical history.  From what I hear from friends who have seen it, it's small and not visually impressive. But, I'd still like to stand there and see it. 

7.  Speaking of rivers - paddling, fishing, swimming, bird watching from shore?  Which activity would you choose?

I prefer being in a boat, not swimming, although many people do around here.  But, we have snakes & gators in the rivers, so "no thank you!"   My favorite way to be on the river is in a motorboat...  stopping at secluded beaches to walk and search for shells, to enjoy the water fowl, and then to pull into a nice harbor with a great restaurant!  Now, that's a lovely day!  

8.  My random thought.

I know I'm a broken record when it comes to this... but tomorrow I leave for Nashville.  This will be my third year in a row to attend the festival.  It's my second year going to the CMT Music Awards, which are airing live tomorrow evening.   This time I got tickets for the three of us to stand in the "mosh pit" down front, right by the stage.  I'm VERY excited!!!  I'm guessing I will be the oldest person in the pit - but I don't care.  So, look for me!  I'll be the "mature" woman...that is mature in age, but not in my love  for country music!  ha!!! 

Have a great week everyone!!

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  1. I like what you do for the turtles. Around our area, we have a nearly extinct turtle species that comes to our shores each year to lay eggs, and they are collected to incubate in the National Park facilities to keep them from harm since vehicles are allowed on the beaches here. So every summer they have special days set aside for turtle releases into the 'wild' and it's a thrill to see such little ones make it to the water with such great effort!!

    Oh and yes, wine, crackers and cheese...yummmmmm.