Saturday, December 28, 2013

December 25th has come and gone.

The dread I felt at Thanksgiving is over.   The fear of doing everything that needed to be done is past.  Christmas Day 2013 has come and gone.  Along with it, the parties and the events are done.   There's nothing more on the calendar for December and I'm ready to start a new year.

There were certainly some wonderful moments this month.  As I have already said, the music is a highlight for me.  The candlelight church service too. The family getting together is great!  I enjoy seeing the Christmas lights and enjoy the good food.  Too much though! I still have leftovers in the fridge and my conservative ways won't let me just throw them out.   A funny side story:  my sis-in-law & her hubby ordered us 2 boxes of Shari's Berries and due to the problems with FedEx and the weather, we didn't get them until after Christmas.  Then the next day TWO MORE boxes arrived!!!  Anyone want a chocolate covered strawberry or two?? We have plenty!   Come on over!!

It's funny how the days after Christmas are SO quiet.  I mean...what to do?   It's not time to put away the decorations yet. I like to leave them up until New Year's Day.   It's a reminder for me  that there are actually 12 days in the Christmas season.  You know, like the song...  and although retail marketers try to fool you that it starts before Christmas Day, it doesn't.

So - I go from running around, going to extra events (I missed my Book Club Christmas luncheon in all the hustle and bustle and I'm still upset with myself over it), to making errand lists, and buying extra food for the - doing nothing.  Quiet.

I am looking forward to New Year's Day when the SC Gamecocks take on the Wisconsin Badgers.  The bowl game starts at 1pm.  In fact I enjoy the whole couple of days of football at the first of the year - it's the last hurrah of college games.  

After that...  the chore of putting away the decorations. Time to get back to serious reading that I didn't have time for in December - and time to wait for spring.  For warmth.

I am finally exhaling now.  I am happy the craziness of the holiday is over.  I think back on the fun parts for sure!  I loved having my daughters home...  it's a comfort feeling like the "ole days" when they were younger.

So,,,phew.  And....yeah!   And, bring on 2014!!


  1. I agree - it's always nice when the craziness ends and life settles down again. It does sound like you had a wonderful time, though!! We usually leave decorations up until New Year's too, but I am ready to start putting away today. With New Year's day in the middle of the week, this year, it just feels better (to me) to start today.

  2. We have already taken everything but the tree/ornaments down. Our anniversary is coming up on New Years Eve, but that is not much of a celebration, we usually go to lunch. (long story on why.) ANYWAYS..enjoy the rest of the holiday season. Blessings

  3. Hope you dont mind a new friend adding herself to your list of friends. I saw you on 'Simply Linda: That's Me, Just Linda's" blog. I live in Tennessee and saw two things you and I have in common....SEC football and kitties, so I know you are 'good folks'! I wish you a very Happy New Year!

  4. I enjoy these quiet days before a new year kicks into gear. We watched a lot of football yesterday, and are headed into the city today. I kind of shut real life the week between Christmas and New Years and it feels nice : ) Happy 2014!