Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Dynasty is flawed. Will it survive?

I feel compelled to write this morning after hearing that Phil Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" fame gave a magazine interview where he said that being gay is wrong, and against God's teaching.  He said other things too - not politically correct and rather hurtful to the show.  In fact, I don't know if the producers will be able to "save" the TV show now.  It's very sad that a person's personal belief can do such damage.  But, it sure can.  

I admit that it has changed my view of Phil and the Robertsons.  I know the family is sticking together through this, and supporting Phil.  He has been let go from the show...and I'm not really sure how it can continue on unless they totally write out Miss Kay too.  The producers may just focus on the 4 boys and their families....and Uncle Si! He's a BIG part of the dynasty!! You got to know the producers are having major stress over it right now!!

Here's why I am writing this blog:   I am a Christian and I feel that once again the differences in interpretations of the Word of the Bible has done damage - damage to all Christians.  It happens.  People stereotype groups.  So, Phil's comments have been distressing to other believers in God and in Jesus's message of love and peace.  It has given non-believers ammunition against God and his teachings.   Unfortunately it's a "all in" or "all out" mentality.  "Are you one of them? "

Am I wrong?   I question why Phil spoke up.  But then I think in his mind he was speaking his truth - and the one thing about the Robertsons: they say what they feel!  It's usually very funny.  Or endearing.  This time it wasn't.

Perhaps the Robertsons will overcome it.  Perhaps this is a way for them to step back from all the madness that "Duck Dynasty" has become.   Maybe they need to lay low for awhile.

Freedom of speech is a foundation in our great country.  But, that doesn't mean that speaking won't get you in trouble!  

I fundamentally disagree with Phil Robertson's remarks.  I believe God loves everyone - regardless of their sexuality, or race, or IQ, or status, or anything else.  Viva la difference!  God wants us all to love each other and to live together, honestly caring about each other.  Every single one of us.

I am sad about what has happened.  I enjoyed "Duck Dynasty".  (I didn't like the hunting but over-looked it knowing it was their culture.)   I am also sad that this came out just days before Christmas.  Or, maybe it's a good thing...  because hopefully we all stop and think a bit more about what the baby Jesus brought to the world.  Love, peace, forgiveness, salvation.


  1. I am going to try to word this carefully..feeling complelled to speak up. I think it is pretty sad that we live in a world where Christian beliefs are not tolerated, but yet the small minority beliefs are. The Bible is the living word & there are no interpertations, it is the living word. I feel bad for people who do not believe it. He was right on quoting the verses, as he is 100% right. Yes, God loves everyone..but he also wants us to turn away from the sin. I have a sil who is I force my beliefs on her? No, does she force her beliefs on me, yes, by flaunting and cursing Gods name, but perhaps that is a diff. subject. I could careless what sexuality anyone is none of my business..but..the Bible clearly states the matter how uncomfortable it makes one feel. I pray you won't be to upset with is not my intention.

    1. I am not upset with you at all. Yes, we have different opinions about the Word of the Lord. I know Phil Robertson does too. I think that was part of my point...that Christians are not all cookie-cutters...and we can still get along because we have our own personal relationship with God, and know that love and peace should prevail. Merry Christmas!

  2. I am saddened that our freedoms are all being slowly (or not so slowly) yanked from us. He had every right to speak his mind. I have a gay nephew and several gay friends. I love them and know God loves them. I am not to be the judge. Only God will judge them. I tend to agree with Phil and the Bible. I don't watch the show, but know may Christians do watch the show. If you don't agree with their message, then don't watch the show - but it isn't right that his freedom of speech caused him to lose his job. I think A&E had a knee-jerk reaction and are giving in to a minority, like so many these days. I believe God loves everyone, but that does not mean He loves or condones sinful acts. And there lies the difference of opinion, as to what is a sinful act.

  3. I have to ask you: do you believe a gay person is born a gay person? If you do, it's not a sinful act. I have educated myself and decided that gays have an innate part of them that makes them gay - from birth. It's not a choice. Like I am innately heterosexual. Born that way. I don't know WHY... but I am, as gays are too.

    1. I agree with you that absolutely we have the right to continue to watch the show, or to turn it off. That is IF it stays on... advertisers may bail. Marketing will end. no money come in, no show. That's America.

  4. Marla..I do not have a thought on that..really I do not (whether one is born this or that way). I am basing my opinion on Christian beliefs. I am glad your not mad..I was really worried about that. Merry Christmas..

  5. I'm not going to dive in other than to say, that he spoke up because he was asked a point blank question by the GQ interviewer. Why does the media feel the need to ask a person well known for their very conservative beliefs this type of question? What is the point? Why do we as the public need to know what Phil Robertson thinks about homosexuality? I think this is done purposely to create controversy, division, strife, etc.

    We have become a nation where diversity of thought is not acceptable, and that's so dangerous. There are so many who feel like Phil, and also so many on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. In America people used to be entitled to their personal beliefs and convictions, whether I agreed with them or not. Because he believes homosexuality is a sin, he's suspended? It boggles the mind. It's upsetting to me to think that we have gotten to the place (and we have) where when you hold a particular view, contrary to what's considered 'popular' that you can't have a 'family friendly tv program'?

    There are so many people in the entertainment business with crazy, whacked out ideas about all sorts of things, many of which I deeply disagree with, yet I feel they have the right to hold those personal beliefs and convictions. It seems Christians are the only group not permitted to speak their beliefs outloud. The media and the entertainment industry dictate what's right and wrong now? We are far too quick to label people intolerant, racist, and a number of other negative terms in 2013. There is no room for conversation about important things in America anymore.

    Okay-sorry. I guess I did dive in : )