Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Ups and Downs of Preparing.

Happy Hodgepodging everybody! It's Tuesday and I have a busy day, but I still am making time for the weekly questions and answers.  Why?  It's become a weekly routine and I enjoy reading the other bloggers' answers.   I hope you are making time for things you enjoy as we get closer to Christmas...which leads to the first question:

1.  Are you doing something special to mark this season of Advent?  If so please share. 

Yes, I am. I am going to our church on Wednesdays at 7:00pm for the Holden Evening Service, which is a beautiful musical vespers service.  I am also passing along to my Facebook friends a daily Advent Calendar quote/reminder that I receive each day from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America website.

2.  Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixon, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen... and of course as you recall, the most famous reindeer of all... Rudolph.  So, which reindeer name best describes you this week? 

Vixon! Yep that's me!   Ha!!!        No, really, I think I have to go with Dasher because I'm dashing here and there. (Thankfully not "through the snow!") I'm running lots of errands and getting ready for a small gathering here on Friday evening, and then the arrival of my daughter the next day, and trying to finish up Christmas shopping, etc.    It's the preparing time before the celebration.  But, hey, isn't that what Advent is all about?

3.  What's worse - too quiet or too loud?  Which have you had more of lately? 

I never mind "too quiet"... and at times I down right enjoy everything being very still and quiet.  So, my answer is that I feel worse when things are too loud, for too long! I get a headache from "over-load".  It's just how I'm wired. I know that some people enjoy the "hustle and bustle of the season" but not this girl.   During this time of year I make a point to make time for quiet...or I'll go a bit crazy!

 4.  When you are administratively gifted, how often do you find yourself not trusting less- gifted people to do what they've committed to do?   If you are not so gifted that way, but are reliable, how do you feel when the stronger person goes ahead and covers it before giving you a chance to come through? 

This question came from one of our regular bloggers and I'm guessing she is dealing with a particular situation right now. I'm not sure if she is the administrative person or not, but I know that it's sometimes a problem in committees, because often one person "takes over" to get it done THEIR way.   I have certainly been in groups that have had those dynamics.   I consider myself someone able to do a job thoroughly and efficiently, and  I can think back on times when someone has been "pushy."  It can be one ego against another.  Thankfully, over the years I have learned to let the other person go - and do - and be happy.  It all works out in the end.  It's not worth making a big issue over.

5.  What is your most dreaded task relating to the holidays?  Your task most looked forward to at this time? 

I do not like grocery shopping on a regular day, so shopping pre-Christmas and planning out the meals and providing food is definitely not my thing at this time of year.   I do a bit of baking in December just to have cookies around, etc. Plus, I have more people in the house (that part is GOOD!) and so I have to shop more, buy more, hope to have the "right" items on hand and prepare more.

My favorite task?  I suppose wrapping gifts.  I would say decorating the house, but as I do it I think how I have to "un-decorate" a few weeks later and I do NOT like that part.  Although once everything is put away again I like the "emptiness" and cleanliness of the house.   Can you tell this time of year can be a real tug of war within me??

6.  Facebook has released its list of the "most talked about topics of 2013." Pope Francis took the number one spot. Does that surprise you?  He was followed by election, royal baby, typhoon, and Harlem Shake. Your thoughts?  What was your most talked about topic in 2013  (Facebook, around the kitchen table, or where-ever it is you talk) ?

Yes, I am surprised that Pope Francis came in on top of the list, but I am pleasantly surprised.  I have never been a big fan of popes in general (I'm not Roman Catholic) but I like this one so far.  I like that he is humble, and reaching out, and going out to the poor, and more accepting of people in general.  He is not as rigid with his doctrine as other popes have been.  It's about time!

I can certainly see election, royal baby, and typhoon showing up on the list.  Harlem shake?  Ok.  But, what happened to "twerking"?   I wish gun control would be on the list.  I also am surprised Obamacare was not in the top 5.  Go figure.

7.  What's something you consider a necessity that others might view as a luxury? 

Oh, what a loaded question.  I mean, really, beyond a dry & warm home, enough food to eat, and love in your life...isn't everything else a luxury?   I thank God every day for my blessings and feel the need to give back, and to help those who need it. But, if this question is asked more "friviously" then I'd say my Cafe Francais coffee. I start every morning with it.

8.  My random thought. 

I can't believe college football is over but the bowls!  I'm a bit sad about it.   My Gamecocks will be playing the Wisconsin Badgers on New Year's Day.  I will watch most of the bowls... and then it's a quiet sports time for me. I'm not a big basketball viewer.  I know the Olympics are coming in February. That's something to look forward to watching.  In fact, Joyce, that might make a good future Hodgepodge question or two...will you be watching?  What's your favorite event to watch?  Have you been to Russia?   etc. etc.    Just a thought.

Have a good Advent week!!


  1. I enjoyed your answers to this week's tough questions!

  2. This weeks questions were def. a bit tough. I enjoyed reading them as well..Blessings

  3. I actually kind of enjoy grocery shopping, but not so much around the holidays. I'm hosting Christmas Eve for 8 people, Christmas Day for 13 and the day after Christmas my sister's 60th birthday, also for 13 so lots of groceries!! I'm trying to pick up a few things every week, but a lot of it needs to be bought the week of. I keep writing and re-writing my grocery lists.

    We have snow on the ground, but I got out for boot camp, and I think the kids are back in school today so I can dash. The ice on Monday was bad. My driveway was impossible, but I kind of enjoyed being stuck in the house. I did get the Snow Village up so that's something!

  4. Grocery shopping is not a fan of mine, either! I always forget something! I do love wrapping gifts, though! I try to wrap one each time they arrive in the mail so I'm not completely snowed under all at once.

  5. I too agree with you on the Pope and am sad about football as well.