Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I sense questions about my youth, my home, and my five senses!

Tuesday has come around again.  And, with Tuesday comes the weekly Hodgepodge.

Let's get started!

1. What would you say is your strongest sense? 

Interesting question.  I think I am pretty good with the visual.  I tune in visually to my surroundings. I remember places, especially when I NEED to for directions, or for decisions.  Thinking back... I remember back to my school days when I used the visual to help me study.  I would write down what I needed to know for a test, often over and over a few times - or I would write it all down and try to squish it all on one page, thinking "See! This is all I need to memorize!!"

Second is my hearing.  I notice that I tune into sounds more than others.  I hear small sounds.  Plus, I love hearing music and "decoding" it a bit... what instrument is playing?   How does that singer pronounce words, or when does he/she breathe?   I love hearing birds sing. And, I absolutely love hearing quiet at times...especially when my ears have had an overload of sound for awhile.

2. Do you believe in the idea of a 'sixth sense'? Why or why not?
As in ESP?  Or "a special gift" of perceiving?   Yes... and no.  I believe it's possible for some people to have a way of experiencing something that doesn't include the 5 senses. I have watched some people on TV that amaze me. I believe the human brain is so unbelievable in what it can do, but it does not work the same for everyone, and some people can reach into a part of it that others can't. So, call it a 'gift'... or a 'uncanny thought process'... or a 'sixth sense.'  But, yes, some - not all - people have it.

3. When do you most feel like a slave to time? Explain.

In the morning!  Especially if I have something to do, or some place to be.  And, especially mornings when I need to wake early and set an alarm!!  On those mornings,  I get up and I count back from the appointment time, or rehearsal, or whatever, and I think...okay, I need this long to drive there so I have to leave the house at a certain time. That means I have to allow myself a certain length of time to get dressed, and eat, etc.   I HATE to be late - ever.  I never want to be, and I never want to make others wait... so watching time is very important to me.

I gotta say, I love the occasional days when I don't have to rush in the morning or watch the time closely.

4. Have you ever worked in a restaurant? How would you rate the experience? If you could own a restaurant what kind would it be? 

I have worked fast food. I guess Burger King is considered a restaurant!  ha  I had a part-time job in high school at the local BK.  I also worked at a Ponderosa Steak House for awhile while I was in school.

How would I rate the experiences?   Both jobs were good starter jobs for a teenager.  It was my first experience working in the 'real world' where I had to clock in and out, wear a uniform, prepare food, follow directions and standards, and DEAL WITH THE PUBLIC!   So, it was a good learning experience!!

I have NO desire to ever own a restaurant!  It takes so much work, with long hours, and you hire & fire people, and deal with all kinds of customers.  It's a very tough job!  I see so many restaurants come and go!  We have a couple of local locations that seem jinxed. A new restaurant will come in, and have a big splash when they open, and they stay open for business for awhile...then quietly close.  Then the cycle happens again.  Over and over.    "Trendy" restaurants come and go.  I suppose a good, basic restaurant with a nice mix on the menu has the best chance of staying in business and in getting repeat customers. 

5. Ever traced your family tree? Share something interesting you learned there.

A few years back I signed up for the 3 month free membership to Ancestry.com and did as much exploring online with them as possible in those months.  I then let the membership end. 

I learned that even though both sides of my family (my mother's and my father's sides) hailed from Germany, they were quite close to the French border.  And, there were times of territorial battles where the line between the countries moved a bit.  So, perhaps I have some French in me!

I learned that my one side of the family American-ized their last name when they came here.  They went from Vogt to Fogt.  It was how it was pronounced anyway.   I also learned that there were some large families back then, back in the days the families were still in Europe, and a few children died young.  I loved seeing first names that were passed on and some still are.  We had Paul, Pauline, and Paulette.  We had Frederick show up a few times.

6. What did your childhood bedroom look like?

I shared with my sister in my early years.   But, once I got my own bedroom, and once I got into migh school, I remember a bright bedspread that I loved at the time!  It was orange, green, and brown - with big pop-style flowers on it.  My walls were painted peach.  I had a dresser and a headboard/footboard for my bed - from Ethan Allen. My parents bought it for me when I got my own room.  I know I had a desk in my room too. I think it was kind of a pressed wood and metal style.  I had a bulletin board above it...with all my 'special stuff' on it...like pins, movie stubs,  etc.

7. Anyone who knows me knows I love_______________________?

Oh, easy answer.   Country music and country music concerts!

8. Insert your own random thought here. 

Thank you all who commented about the aftermath of hurricane Matthew, and the hole on my house where the tree came in!! It was crazy the first few days, trying to get help lined up. And now... It's been quiet now for a few days. We have the hole covered with plywood and tarps.  The weather has been beautiful since Matthew and it has helped with cleanup around these parts.  But, there is still much to do!  So many, many huge piles of branches, and cut-up tree trunks, and leafy debris are in everyone's front yards by the curb.    The repair work to the house starts this weekend - with scaffolding going up inside.  New trusses will be going in, then a new roof - and new drywall, and painting, etc.   It won't be quiet much longer! 

Between the political noise, and the house repair noise, I will be looking forward to the 'sound of silence' that my sense of hearing longs for at times!!

Have a good, safe week everyone!!


  1. Good to know the repairs will be starting soon before too much bad weather sets in. Hope you get your peace and quiet back quickly.

  2. Your number 5 answer is interesting! My ancestors hail from Germany also and my maiden name was Vought. Some ancestors shortened it to Vogt here in the US but my linage didn't. The original German spelling was Wrought. Wr made the V sound so they changed the Wr to V sometime in the 1800's. Hence Vought -> Vogt I enjoyed your answers.

  3. Interesting, I think I may be visual too! I believe in a sixth sense also. I would like to try a membership to Ancestry.com someday. So much to do on the house. Hope the weather stays good so it can get done quickly!