Friday, November 25, 2016

Thank you for this - 2016

I know I don't need Thanksgiving Day to be thankful for all good things in my life, and to thank God for all my blessings.  But, still, it's nice time to think of some of the people and things I am thankful about that happened in 2016 as the year comes into it's last month.

* First, I am thankful that I am still alive to continue to get closer in my relationship with God.  I am thankful for the weekly Bible Study.

* I am thankful for music - all kinds! I love the fun, 'up sound of country music - and also the quiet ballads with amazing lyrics.  It speaks to me in many ways. I love the musical talent of others.  I love what music brings to my life - a pick me up, or a lyric that says it just like I wish I had.  I love the talent of a singer and an acoustic guitar.   I love a fast, amazing fiddle and a soulful guitar lick.    I love the music I get to play with my fellow handbellers (we couldn't do it without each other), and the music and people I know tooting my flute at band and church.

* I love the live musical experience. It's a moment in time experienced by both the performer and the listener. It's a closeness that happens when the truth of the sound is put out there, and received with love. It's a bond.

* I am thankful for my morning cup of Cafe Francais coffee.  Every single day is better when I start out with a warm, soothing cup.

*  I am thankful for Stan, who lets me be me. Who gives and gives - to me and others.  Who works hard and plays hard.  He makes me roll my eyes AND laugh!  He provides; he pushes; he plays hard.

* I am thankful for appreciating the views of nature around me.  Birds landing on my new feeders.  Seeing egrets on the marshes, and sometimes fishing along a roadside water ditch!   Quiet time on the Black riva dock. 

* I am thankful for daughters who are level headed, and loving.  I love that they text all the time, and like to come home, and continue on some traditions.   I am thankful that both are in wonderful relationships with men who make them even better!

*  I am thankful for taking time almost every day to read.

* I am thankful for living where I can wear flip-flops about 3/4's of the year. 

* I am thankful for extended family who love me even if they don't always 'get' me. 

* I am thankful for going through a hurricane safely, and how it brought people together.  I am also thankful for the expertise of those who came to put our house back together, with care, in a timely manner.

* I am thankful for Miss Honeybee and Miss Daisy.  I love their snores, and their couch-back snuggles. I love looking at their cute faces.

* I am thankful for friends afar, and those right here. I am thankful for my Book Club ladies, and my closely connected church friends, and my new neighbors.  I am thankful for those friends I see all the time on Facebook, and for those who live in parts far away from here, but take time to still be in touch.

* I am thankful for my blog where I can express myself. I can put it out there without fear.

* Yes, I am thankful for Facebook!  I love the pictures of family and friends, and I love the jokes I see online. I love the memes...and even the political differences I read there. 

* I am thankful the election is over.  (That's all I will say about that!  Ha!!)

* I am thankful for my health in this year.  I have had no serious issue (that I know about) and am able to do what I want to do.  I am thankful for my bad eyesight that keeps me from analyzing every wrinkle and soft area.   ha!

* I am thankful for downsizing this year.  I enjoy the freedom of less, and love not adding stuff to life. 

* I am thankful for springtime and the new growth, watching plants come back to life. I love seeing my yard get green again, and I love piddling out in the yard - in fresh air,  tending plants, nurturing flowers.

* I am thankful that 2016 was a mix of good and bad news.  Sometimes you have to look harder for the good, but it's there.   And, I hope that all we saw this year will lead us into a wonderful 2017.  Just look for the good. It's there.

Happy Thanksgiving!!  


  1. An absolutely wonderful thankful list! I share many of those with you. I hope I remember that throughout the rest of the holiday season and next year. Because, you're right, the good is there if we just look. :)

  2. I love your list. It has inspired me to do that same thing on my blog. Thank you