Tuesday, November 15, 2016

It's time to think happy thoughts!

The Hodgepodge is back!  Our leader Joyce moved into her beautiful new  home, and she must have hooked up her wireless connection! Because she is back...  So, we are back at it too.  Let's go!
1. Let's all think happy thoughts...share one of yours here. 
Even in this crazy divisive time, I have many happy thoughts!
   Here's one:  My new home is back together.  Once the new gutters get put up this week nobody will ever know hurricane Matthew came through!   Last week on Facebook I thanked all the people who worked on the project, but let me say it here too.  Everyone was sympathetic, and willing to jump in and get working to get the the tree out and hole covered, to put up new trusses, and a new roof.  The drywall went up and was painted. Our lights were hung again.   Thank you, thank you, thank you!
2. There's a Chinese proverb that says, "If you want happiness for an hour take a nap, if you want happiness for a day-go fishing...." What say you? If you want happiness for a day _____________.
...  go for a long walk.
... turn on your favorite music - sing and dance!

... talk to a good friend.

... hold a baby in your arms.

... own a pet or two.

... sit by the ocean or marsh.

... never turn on the News!  ha

3. Where do you go to decompress from the world around you? 
This question ties right in with the one above. I decompress at home for sure. It's my 'comfort spot' and I can read, or chill in front of the TV.  But, I also love to decompress with nature... on my back deck, or near the marshes, and watching the beautiful marsh birds, or walking along the ocean.  
4. What song never fails to make you happy? 
I have many!  
"I Like It, I Love It" and "Live Like You Were Dying" - Tim McGraw

"Country Girl, Shake It for Me" - Luke Bryan

"She's Country" - Jason Aldean

 "Uptown Funk" - Bruno Mars

"Love Shack" - B-52's

 Just to name a few!!

5. Wednesday is National Fast Food Day. Should that be a thing? Apparently it is, so tell us what's the last 'fast food' you consumed? If you were putting together your own version of a 'happy meal' what would you include? 
Should it be a thing? Oh, why not. Everything else has it's day! ha  

My last fast food was a loaded burger and tots from "Sonic" which I shared with my dogs.  We all enjoyed it!  

A 'happy meal' for me is a big ole plate of nachos, without the peppers.  

6. In a few sentences tell us why you blog. 
I started blogging for two reasons:
1.  I wanted to voice who I am. I wanted to express myself - in my 'own space' without fear.  There have been a few times that I have accidentally hurt someone (and I am sorry) but I like having a digital diary.  

2. I wanted my daughters to read about me, and know me - as more than 'just mom'. To see me as a whole person.  And I wanted my daughters to have something to look back on.   Again, like a digital diary.  
7. List seven things you're feeling especially grateful for today. 
1.  This space to blog and participate in the Hodgepodge. 
2.  Always for my family, but specifically today for a hubby who gives me independence and allows me to be a strong woman.  We would not have gotten this far without this.

3.  Amazing daughters who I am proud of, and who stay in touch with their dad and me just about every single day - via texting.  I am especially thankful for texting!  

4.  Music.  10 years ago I would had never had thought I'd be back to playing flute like I am.  I am now in the community band, in a local flute choir, and I play occasionally at my church.  I am also in two handbell choirs now.   I still have some fear playing in front of people, but I have gained confidence and I have sharpened my music skills a bit.  It brings me joy! 

5.  Today I am grateful for surviving the reconstruction of part of my new house.  As I sit here on the computer I have a finished, new roof and everything is back just right. 

6.  I am grateful for friends who 'get me' and support me.  Women are so lucky to have kindred souls who encourage and laugh together.  I treasure them.  I don't 'collect' large numbers of  friends as some people do, but the true ones I have mean the world to me. 

7.  My health - today.  I have a decade birthday one month from today-  eek!!!!!  And, my health is really good... and I am fortune to move into this new decade without any major issues.   I hope and I pray it continues.  I also know I need to work on it too. 

8. Insert your own random thought here.
It is obvious that Joyce devoted this Hodgepodge to goodness, and positive thoughts. We all know -  It's been a tough time for everyone lately, and I don't need to go into it.  But, it is so important to balance our lives by remembering ALL the wonderful people and events in life.  

Thanks for coming here today to read my blog.  I appreciate it. I hope you have a delightful day!!


  1. Love Shack is a great one! I agree with your random thought, well said :)

  2. You did pick some great songs, Marla! Yes, I, too, am thankful for good health...knock on wood! Glad your home is coming together for you. Enjoy your day!

  3. I so enjoyed reading all the "Happies" in your life and appreciate your beautiful positive attitude.

  4. I was so grateful for this week's theme. Focusing on the positive was a good exercise for me given my own difficult week. Loved your happy places, by the way!!!

  5. I forgot Love Shack. That's a good one. I like what you said about your daughters knowing you in a different way through your blog. So true. Also, my extended family has felt that too. They've learned a lot about me reading my blog.

  6. I've enjoyed getting a tiny peek into your life and appreciate your honesty and positive outlook on life. Have a great week.
    lori in Blue Ridge, GA

  7. A great positive uplifting post. Glad to hear your house has been fixed.

  8. Glad you house is back in order. I like your list of songs. Sorry I'm so late in getting over here to visit.