Monday, August 14, 2017

Monday morning QBing

* It's almost football season...   yes!   Okay, actually it's already 'pre-season' and football is now on TV.   August is the month to get back in the conversation... to watch the early scrimmages with the new guys.   But, once September arrives, so does the REAL season!

* Rain, rain, rain.   Enough.   But, it's August - and it's hot and humid.  That means pop-up thundershowers.  Heavy downpours.      We have entered hurricane season here in the lowcountry.  After what we went through last October with Matthew I hope and pray that we have a quiet next few months here.   Please oh please!

*  Weekend ups and downs:      What a joy to sit with sweet Greta at church, and to spend time with her yesterday.  That girl got my heart at a very young age and she remains so special to me.   Her hugs are the best!  

The hate openly shown in Charlottesville this weekend by neo-Nazi's and white supremists makes me very upset.  It seemed by what I saw on the News that most there, marching, and spewing hate, were  young white men.   How did they become this way?    What did they not learn, or feel, during childhood?   Or, maybe it's really what they DID get taught.  Someone, a parent or someone else, must have put hate and racism into their minds when they were young.  Maybe.  I can't figure it out.   Some come from a bad environment - but some come from Christian families.   Just typing that - scares me!  How can that be??  

Golf!   Yesterday's final day was again an exciting Sunday!  A 12 second pause before the ball dropped in the hole!  Golf is certainly a game of skill - but it always has an element of luck.   Daughter #2 and boyfriend were there,  hanging in a VIP tent part of the time - and then walking the fairways, watching the pros being so amazing!

* Confederate statues.    Seriously.   I can not even understand why moving them gets people so upset.   But, I know it's the tip of the iceberg for some who think our country is not for them anymore.   Selfish people - people who can not be empathetic to others who feel the statues are offensive to history and their grandparents.   

Which leads me to think of the word 'entitlement.'    What a bad word.    No good comes from it.

* Have I said lately that I love my hubby and daughters?   This morning seems like a good time to state it.  I love my son-in-law and the little nuggets growing in my daughter too!  Above all else!   They are my world. 

*  I'm wrapped up in a book right now.  "The Lilac Girls" by Martha Hall Kelly.   I'm 2/3s of the way through it. I'm totally wrapped up in the lives of the 3 women.  I'm appalled by the atrocities in it, and I'm hoping for happy outcomes for these tough women.    What should be my next read?   Any book suggestions??

Here's to a good week ahead... and to peace, and understanding.    Let's live it!!


  1. I don't think the rain is ever going to go away, our forecast is for rain every day for at least the next 10 days. Had a tree fall last week, it had been leaning since Mathew.
    Enjoyed the golf tournament too. We've gone to the Players down in St.Augustine Florida a couple to times and really enjoyed it.
    Love this time of year, football and baseball.
    Can't understand the hate that's going on in this country, not just in Charlotte.

  2. Difficult times that's for sure. Hope those nuggets are doing well :)