Friday, August 4, 2017

Rainy Friday morning...

Hi readers.  It's a rainy Friday morning and I have some time to write on my blog before starting my day.   So, here goes...

*  I'm sitting here with the morning news on. I'm once again questioning my need to know what is going on in the world, and I'm questioning how we Americans got ourselves to this place.   I just saw our president at another "love fest" for him, staged of course, in W VA - a part of our country hurt by a dying coal industry,  hanging on to some hope for a 'savior' and looking at our president for it.  

Every single day Trump shows off his pompous ignorance and embarrasses me more.   There really isn't anything new I can say about him, except I pray that he does not jump into a military action.  I don't trust him - at all. 

I know some people who still - S T I L L - support him.   I can't figure them out.  Except, I did hear that their allegiance is similar to when you love a football team... a blind love for them in bad times and good.  

* I'm now watching CBS and they are doing a report on the Chicago gun violence.  They are interviewing gang guys... and it is frightening. 

*. Okay...  I've got to turn my thoughts away from the woes we have.  It's important to focus on all the good we know.    So, here's a list of awesome-ness:     

I'm enjoying all the pictures of our NJ friends' daughter's wedding on Facebook!  What a beautiful day and the bride was just beaming!  I love how the wedding and reception - and all the happy people having a blast - are shared on FB.   

Before I go further,  my daughter continues to feel good and is carrying her twin boys well.   Absolutely NO issues to worry about at this point.  Thank God!  She is embracing this time, and is preparing for the boys' arrival.   She and hubby have settled into their home, and will soon start with a series of childbirth and infant care classes.    My other daughter and I are hosting a babys shower over Labor Day weekend.  I'm having fun looking on Pinterest for ideas, and getting my thoughts together for the day! 

Speaking of my son-in-law:  yesterday was his birthday.  So, here's a little toast to him.   Hubby and I have said often how perfect he is for our daughter.  He is dedicated to her and to his work and his family. He knows how to have a good time - and has a quick wit.  People enjoy being around him.   He has patience - and is a calming voice to our daughter when she needs it.    They enjoy sports together, and they love going out to dinner for a good meal.    Gee - as I write this, I realize how he is similar to hubby.   So, maybe it's true that a daughter picks a man that reminds her of daddy!  

I can't wait to see both of them as parents!   Fun times ahead!

* Football season.    I think I heard that the first pre-season pro game is today!   Each year it seems like football starts so early.  But,  by September I am ready for it!    I root for the South Carolina Gamecocks (through bad and good -  see above!  ha) and I love watching SEC games.  I also root for the Carolina Panthers. So, Saturdays and Sundays are filled during football season!!  

*. Another topic on the news right now:  tattoos.   I'm watching a report that the local police can not have a tat of something violent, or words that are racist.   Really? duh.    I am curious about tattoos.  Most used to be a sign of toughness endured by a guy in the military.  A badge of honor in a way.  But, of course now,  all kinds of people get them.    Even I have thought about what I would want if I decided to get one.  A Christian fish (like Tim's), or a musical note, a heart... or my daughter's initials.   I know myself well enough that 1. I don't like pain, 2. I change my mind over time (I'm not who I was when I was 20 years old), 3. I wouldn't want it showing all the time.   So, then... where to tat?     I also know tattoos are expensive.  I can't help it, but I see young people with all kinds of tats and wonder "this is how they spend their money?"    I see some on people that are grotesque and I can't imagine WHY that picture was chosen.    I know that tattoos are becoming more common place BUT it still is a statement - a forever statement.   I don't always think those who get them realize it. 

*.In case you have been wondering... we still have a house for sale.   But, we now have heard some comments like "it's on the short list" and "they plan to come back again for a second look."    Progress!   ha

*.  Speaking of homes: I love where I live so much!  The house we "down-sized" into is just perfect!  The square footage is less, and much more manageable (only 2 bathrooms to clean! yeah) I love the yard - because I love to be outdoors and garden.   There is plenty of space to plant.  Some spots of sun, and some of shade.  Yesterday I tried out a new battery-operated hedge trimmer - and it worked great!!  Simple pleasures. 

*  So - random thought. I downloaded Snapchat and for the life of me, I have not been able to understand how it works.  And, I don't get why people put up pics that don't last.   Guess that's why I like FB and Instagram...  and really, that's enough for me.    Some people probably think I'm on social media too much anyway!  ha!!!    Oh - and don't forget, I blog too!   lol

If you have read down to here... thank you.   If you want to comment back, I welcome it.

Have a great day! Think of the awesome-ness!!!


  1. I would love to downsize and only have 2 bathrooms. Maybe I'll convince my husband some day.
    We're big baseball and football fans.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your post. I can agree with so much of it. Yep no tattoos for me either. I don't think my boys have then (if they do they're where you don't get to look!) but my daughter has one. I don't particularly like them but with her it was the expense that made me cross - she got it done while she was at uni and we were giving her money every month to help out. I did not like the fact she thought she had enough spare money to spend on a tattoo! Probably why she didn't tell me about it - I spotted it by accident. I'm glad your daughter is doing well. I've decided grandchilden are just the best thing (for now while he's still a baby and still cute anyway.)