Monday, September 18, 2017

Monday morning QBing

Hi everyone.   It's football season, so here's a Monday Morning Quarterbacking post...  about football and other stuff.

*. My favorite football teams sure were lackluster this past weekend.   It might be a tough season!!  lol.  The Gamecocks were just downright sad, and not impressive at all.  I hope it was just an 'off' week and that the loss kicks them into action.    The Carolina Panthers held on but they didn't look very good either.   Both teams had key players get injured.   Deebo Samuel for the Carolina Gamecocks, and Greg Olson for the Carolina Panthers.   Oh no.

*  Stephen Colbert did a great job as host of last night's Emmy's. Of course, in my book he can do no wrong.  I love him.   Yes, he has great writers but the man is not afraid to express his opinion (which usually coincides with mine) and I love his expressions!  

* Speaking of Emmys:  I guess I need to watch The Handmaid's Tale!   I read the book  by Margaret Atwood recently after seeing women dressed as handmaids at Trump events.  I wanted to know what it was all about.  Now, I need to watch...  and I think it's on Hulu.  Time to download it!!      And, I want to watch Big Little Lies too.  

*  What is with this hurricane season???   Harvey and Irma were both devastating to millions and now we have Jose and Maria out there.   (Did you notice the Spanish names?!?   Can we blame it on Trump and wanting to close the borders??  ha! )    Seriously, I am not happy about the hurricane after hurricane forming out there and scaring us.  I have had enough of them.   We still own three properties in the lowcountry area, and even with a small hurricane or tropical storm, we have cleanup to do.   If a bigger one comes around, then I am leaving to safer, higher ground.  And, I don't want to do that!   But, I am not going to stay for a hurricane category higher than a 2.

*  The last three fall seasons have brought natural disasters here.  Two years ago was the "Thousand Year Flood" that went over our dock, and then last year Matthew came and dropped a huge tree through our roof.  So far we have had nothing major (praying we don't) but the hurricane season is not over.    

*. Babies Watch is starting!!   Our twin boy grandbabies are due in mid-November, only 2 months away.  The time will go by quickly!  Well, for me - maybe NOT for my daughter who is carrying them!  ha!   She is in the last trimester and she has had a picture perfect pregnancy to this point.  I think she will do just fine, but she will be getting bigger and bigger.  

* Other daughter is learning to be a yoga teacher.  She had her first (of nine) weekends of school and training.   She fell in love with yoga a few years ago - it has made her fit, and flexible, and has helped keep her calm through tense, long hours of tax seasons.   She is a CPA.  

* I have said this before:  I love being outdoors and doing yard work.  I actually like to weed.  Why?  I like fresh air, seeing the difference I can make ...and it's good exercise!  Squats, up and down, and arm work with cutters.. and lugging things around.   But, this getting old stuff is not fun!!   I have a sore arm - near the elbow - that just will not heal.   Ok.  Maybe I don't give it very long to heal...   which is another annoying thing about getting older:  healing takes longer!

* Music!  It makes the world go 'round!   Yesterday our church handbell group was part of a lovely community service and blessing of musicians, that was put on by the American Guild of Organists, the Grand Strand Chapter.   Church choirs sang, a brass quintet played, there was a beautiful flute and piano piece, and our group.  Along with prayers and hymns and a short sermon.  Music really does give me "God moments."  

* Another favorite of mine:  Reading.   If you'd like to know what to read, and perhaps would like to see what I have read, I encourage you to download  It's free and it's a wonderful site to learn about books, to read reviews - including from friends, and it's a wonderful place to keep track of what you have read.   Please feel free to visit my "bookshelf" on the site and see what books I have far.

*. Before I end this QB post, I must say I am still a resistor to what is going on with our administration.  Nothing has changed.  (Unfortunately.)   I see no change, no better decisions by our president.  He still embarrasses me as a citizen of this country.  I continue to prayer he will not lead us into war, or be erratic in action.  He has certainly been erratic with his words and tweets. 

Have a great week ahead everyone.    Make a positive difference out there...  

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  1. A great catch up post. Glad to hear your daughter is doing well. Being a grandparent is just the best thing!