Monday, September 25, 2017

Monday morning quarterbacking

Hi blog friends and readers,

I hope you have had a good week where ever you are!  Let's not forget our neighbors struggling with a new reality in the Florida Keys and in Puerto Rico.  And, let's pray for them and the people in Mexico digging out, and still looking for loved ones.

Here are a few of my thoughts bouncing around in my brain...

* Life is short - stop spending it feeling entitled.    We were all born on this earth the same way, but then we grew up in very different situations which molded us into who we are as adults.   Nobody is to blame.  Nobody is better for that.   Get over yourself.

*. Speaking of being born, my identical twin boy grandbabies continue to grow inside their mommy.  My daughter is doing well as she is now in week 29 carrying them.   We have our fingers crossed that she keeps them there until week 37.    She and I have had interesting discussions lately about all the choices new parents need to decide on - and it can be overwhelming!!  And, everyone has an opinion!!   My advice to her and her hubby: do what seems right and feels right to YOU!  The boys will grow up loved!

* I am thinking of getting some fall flowers but I am not a big fan of mums.  Does anyone have a suggestion on other plants that can add color to a front yard bed?  

* Fall is football time!  You all know I love watching the game!  Again, the Gamecocks were tough to watch.  Somehow they won at the end.  But, I sure didn't see it coming.  They are ALWAYS a surprise!  

* And speaking of football, I can't write a QB post without mentioning the 'demonstration' displayed by almost every pro player yesterday - along with other sports players, reporters, and musicians yesterday.    I have seen some pretty mean reactions on Facebook.   My take on it:   We live in the United States, a land that allows free speech and accepts expression of opinions. We live in a place where our flag is a visual representation of who we are.  So, I get annoyed that some say the players were disrespecting the flag.  Kneeling.  When do you kneel?   I kneel at church. I kneel in prayer.  They locked arms in support of each other.   The players did not do anything violent or said notthing mean.  In fact, it was the president who said the mean spirited words.  Offensive words.   My opinion: he needs to keep his nose out of it all.   He creates these situations.  He is So abrasive!!     Some people say what the NFL players did was disrespectful to the military.  I disagree and I hope the members of the armed services 'get' that they are using peaceful demonstrations to stand in agreement on inequality, and truly on having a president that is the offender.    Of all the rhetoric yesterday, did anyone hear from the military or vets?  

*. "The Red Zone" is the most amazing football network!  You can watch ALL the big moments of all the games ALL day long on Sundays!   The hard part is keeping track of which teams you are watching at any given moment.  It's exhausting - AND there are NO bathroom breaks!  lol    But, you never miss a bit of action!

* Thank you Maria for staying out in the ocean!  You have done enough damage.  So, now, just GO AWAY!!!  lol

*. Everyone needs a 'go to' thing or place to chill, to re-group, to find calmness.   Do you have one?

* I've had some interesting dreams lately.   I've had a few with babies in them.  I get that since I have grandbabies about to arrive.   I have also had a re-occurring dream that I am in a school - and I can't remember where my classes are... then when I go in a classroom,  it's time for a big exam and I am not prepared.  I stop the dream in my head because I can't answer the questions.   Last night I was at a hotel, at a large gathering - and there was live music.  Brad Paisley played on stage for awhile.   Then I sat with Martina McBride for awhile and chatted.   And...  then I saw Stephen Colbert there, and I didn't want to bother him, but I went and sat on the floor by him.  I told him how much I have loved him over the years and I thanked him for making me laugh.  I even told him that my hubby gets a kick out of me laughing out loud when I watch him.         Dreams are fun at times, weird too... and I suppose a way of expressing some anxiety.  

*. We finally made the effort and moved our kitty Moonlight from our old house (the one for sale) to our new house.  She is an outside cat and I really worried about whether she would accept the different environment.   It took hubby and I a bit of a struggle to get her...we cornered her in the empty Carolina room, and then had to throw a towel over her and grab her.  She was NOT happy!   Then she cried the whole time in the car.  I fed her in the garage - and I'm glad I did, because she ran out the back garage door and darted away!!!   She ran across the street and behind the house there.  We called her and called no avail.  But, somehow she remembered where the food was - and she came back in the evening for some dinner, and has been hanging in our bushes ever since. 

With that thought, I need to end this and go put more food out.  She is now here with our other cat Midnight - I'm feeding two now!

Have a great day - and week!!


  1. I'm so excited about the twins! Can't wait to see pictures when they arrive. I agree with you on the kneeling. I was really hoping every single one of them would kneel after that man's horrid comments. He stirs up dissension every time he opens his mouth. It seems to me people are saying it's ok to protest but we'll tell you when and how. Give me a break. Like you said, it's not like they were saying or doing anything mean or violent. So glad Moonlight seems to be sticking around. I hope it works out!

  2. Thank you for your response - and for helping me think I am not going crazy! II am sure this post etc. has ticked off some of my family members again. We just don't see eye to eye on our president...and never will. Pictures of the grandbabies?? Absolutely!! I usually keep my blog of words... but when the boys arrive you can bet your bottom dollar there will be pictures! Have a wonderful day!

  3. I'm excited to see pictures of those babies too. I could sit and look at pics of my grandson all day long and you have two to look forward to! Glad the cat move seems to be going ok.

  4. I guess I don't see this type of protest effecting real change, unless maybe we no longer play the National Anthem at games? Was that the point of the initial protest? Wasn't Kapernick making a statement about police brutality? NFL players have huge platforms away from the field and could definitely be using them to bring attention to all manner of ills in our society (many do!) but how does this type of protest on the field effect real change? And if we're going to invite free speech in to the workplace NFL management will have to allow all sorts of statements and protests to occur that will make all kinds of people unhappy. The door has been opened. Not long ago they said no to the Cowboys who wanted to honor the officers gunned down in Texas, so the free speech policy doesn't extend across the board. Where does management draw the line? Who decides what is an acceptable statement to make and what isn't? I just want to watch and enjoy a game, the thing they're being paid to do.