Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Monday morning QBing on Tuesday

Good morning all.   I hope you had a very nice Memorial Day weekend.   I hope you took a little time to think about the Americans who gave their lives in war for our country.   Too many young men and women.   God bless their families for the sacrifice.

*  I'll start today's post with a request for prayer.   My 91 year old dad fell the week before last.  At the time when he fell he was checked out but nothing serious was found.   He continued to feel pain after the fall, so he went to the hospital for x-rays and tests, and it was found that one of his lower vertabrae was cracked and a few pieces broke off.  Of course he went in the hospital over the holiday weekend so he has been given medicine for pain and a back belt to give him support.   He is still there and is able to sit up in the recliner in his room.   Today the doctors who have seen him should decide on a course of action.   Surgery has been ruled out.   My dad lives in an assisted living facility, in his own apartment.  He has a dog.  He wants to get back there soon.  So, I'm hoping and praying that once swelling is reduced, and pain is managed, he can get back there.

A prayer for healing would be appreciated.    Thanks.

*  Often when I sit down with my computer to post here I have the morning news on.  I do now.   I try to limit my news intake because it can be such a downer.   But I like the CBS News This Morning because I think they are more about the news and less about the opinions.  Not as much fluff.    Still, every news source has producers and news directors who decide what event leads each day - and what is important to talk about - and for how long.

What is important to you?  

For me:  the immigration issue because parents and their children are being torn apart, and separated.    We need to take care of the children better.

The Uber emergency number button on the app!   Yes!  I have worried about my daughters and family members who use Uber often.  Especially when they are alone.  This is a great improvement.

*  June 1  - 3 is "Moms Demand Action" for gun safety "Wear Orange" days.    Did you know?  Google it and you can find out  info about it, along with locations of rallies near you.   Wear orange AND tell people why you are.   Be an activist.   The time has come for the silent majority to wake up.   Speak up - and vote.

*  Guilty pleasure:  The Bachelorette!  I admit it - I watched the first night last night.   It was the introduction of all the men hoping to get to know Becca and perhaps become her mate.  I know... I know.  It's so outrageous, and wrong on many levels.   But, these people voluntarily go on the show, and put themselves out there.    The group of men who stepped out of the limo (well, one rode in on a bull; one came in driving a mini-van)  were a bit creepy.   It's an odd group.   I think I liked the very first one out of the limo the best.... I can't remember his name.  He is an ex-football player, who now runs a charitable organization.  He seemed the most 'normal' but time will tell!   ha!!!

* Another guilty pleasure:  reading.   I picked up a book I normally would not consider just seeing the title.  But, it has a sticker on it that says "One of President Obama's favorite reads of 2017." That caught my eye.   The book is called "The Power" by Naomi Alderman.   It is about an electrical power discovered within women that when used right turns the world upside down and puts females in control of the world - for good and bad.    I'm halfway through and I am anxious now to see how it ends...  will women misuse their special power, and will this power take away their compassion??     This book could be a very good Book Club read because I think it can bring a really interesting discussion.

*   Starbucks vs.  Dunkin Donuts?     Which is your favorite?    Hot coffee vs. iced?    

*  This weekend there were American flags everywhere!  We hung one up on our house.  Our neighborhood displayed lots of them at the entrance.  Our community even put flags up in the mediums of the main road through town.  Flags everywhere!   Memorial Day is a BIG day for displaying flags!   A very patriotic day and weekend!!    I have to admit that this weekend I thought about the flags more than I normally have in the past...    because, as you know,  some pro football players have felt the need to kneel during the national anthem while facing the flag, and because lately it seems our flag is at half-mast most of the time due to mass gun violence.     I think the flag represents our origin and what we have gone through, and it represents UNITY.   50 stars of equal size representing 50 states in neat order together - on one patch of blue.   One star is not bigger or brighter than the others.  One stripe on the flag is not bigger or more special than the others. Red and white - together. 

I think it's a symbol of what we strive to be.   The flag has flown through the tough times and the good.   It also represents our hopes for the future.  Unity.   One and many.   Flying the flag shows we love this land, even when those who live in it don't always agree with each other. 

*  Curious:   How many of you own Alexa??  Do you use Alexa daily??   If so, how?

*   I'm counting down....        to my next trip to see the grandboys        to the CMA Festival...
... to helping with VBS            ... to my bestie coming to visit at the end of June       ...  to the annual trip to see family at Lakeside     ....  to my daughter's bachelorette party weekend.

Those are some of my summer plans.   How about you?

Whatever you do, stay safe - and HAVE FUN!     





  1. Prayers and healing wishes for your Dad, Marla. Hoping his pain will be alleviated and that he will have comfort.
    I can't believe you love that Bachelorette show! Not for me! But reading, YES! I've been reading a lot more lately. It's a good escape from all the reality out there! I think you know what I mean :-) Many people have been posting 7 books on FB recently - I keep meaning to jot down some of the titles for future reading.
    I will never get an Alexa or other similar device in my home. It listens to everything - no, thank you!
    June is looking busy for us, too. I already flipped the calendar page this morning so I can get a grip on what we have going on. Have a great month!

    1. I got into watching the Bachelor/ette shows cuz Lauren and Kristen do. We text during it sometimes... it’s all in fun. Yes - a stupid way to find a mate!! Alexa listening? If so it would be boring stuff! Ha. I’m not worried. Thanks for reading my blog Martha!!

  2. I will add your dad to my prayers as well. It's so hard when they've been somewhat independent. I do hope he can return to his home and pup soon. I am not watching the Bachelorette this season, but do watch some seasons. We don't have Alexa but my daughter does and my grandson loves her voice. It's so funny-he lights up when she talks. They mostly just use it for music and we have Sonos in the house here so it feels like more technology I won't use : ) Dunkin Donuts all the way-hot or iced. I don't often get coffee out, but generally go for hot. I will be taking an Uber next month on my own. Glad to know about the emergency button. I will check that out. I just started reading The Mistresses of Cliveden. We lived near Cliveden and had a fantastic anniversary there one year when we were in the UK. It's where Meghan Markle and her mom stayed the night before the wedding. I think I'll enjoy the book! Have you read Ginny Moon? I finished that one recently and really liked it. Enjoy those grandbabies!

    1. Thanks Joyce! Falls are not easy for the elderly. I hope dad can come back from it. Ginny Moon? I haven’t heard of it... so thanks for the suggestion. I head to see those grandbabies Friday... and can’t wait. 7 months old now! We are so fortunate to have these cutie pies, aren’t we??? 💙👶

  3. I expect you're with those grandbabies now. Hope you're having a great time. Sounds like a busy summer ahead.