Monday, February 6, 2012

It's the Morning After.

It's over.   Done with for another year.  All the hoopla is past.  The fun bets, the parties, the smack talk, the BIG GAME is over.

You know I'm talking about the Super Bowl. The biggest and last game of the season.

Now, no more football until August.

It's my favorite sport to watch.  I love college football and I especially love rooting for the Carolina Gamecocks the most.  (Yes, it's absolutely fine to say "Goooo Cocks!" here in the south.)   But, I like pro football too. 

I love Gameday and I love the bands, and the mascots. I love the school spirit, and I love tailgating.

I know there is alot about football that is not good.  There's too much backroom wheelin and dealin, and not enough emphasis on education in college sports.  Players still get hurt sometimes and head injuries are really scary.   The amount of money paid to the athletes, to the team management, and to TV for airing the games, etc, is just hard to fathom for the ordinary person.  And, with that much money and prestige come too many temptations, some that are illegal.

BUT...  I still love football!  It is very American.  (I know baseball is "American's past-time" but not for me.)

So,  I will miss planning my weekend around the games, and I will miss wearing the team colors, and I will miss the fun bantor with friends about our school loyalties.

But....It was a GREAT season!  The Gamecocks had an amazing season despite the change of quarterbacks, and Lattimore getting injured.  The Carolina Panthers looked good with rookie Cam Newton (great player, annoying guy), Tim Tebow showed how to be a faith-filled and a faithful player, and the Super Bowl had two equally talented teams.  The game was exciting all the way down to the final play.  Couldn't ask for more!

I'm looking forward to  the 2012-13 season.  It all starts up again in August.


  1. I'm not a football fan ... I do enjoy baseball and hockey. The negatives you wrote about could equally be applied to any professional sport these days. :-(

  2. I agree...I kinda like college basketball but cannot stand the NBA.

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  4. I love football too Marla! but didn't really get into it until Alex went to college and started watching with his roommates. He brought it home and we've been fans ever since. NFL for us, with no college allegiances to follow. I plan my Sundays around the games during the season and must admit that I'm glad when the season ends so I can some other things done!