Thursday, February 9, 2012

The pressures of Valentine's Day

First, I must tell you that my husband suggested this blog topic.  Hmmmm.  Think he's hinting something to me?  He's always sent me flowers on Valentine's Day, and in our early years together he really liked to and he wanted to express his love to me, but now 27 years later I think he's feeling obligated!  ha! It happens.  (It's okay hubby.)

Valentine's Day is one of those holidays that really does put alot of pressure on people of all ages, and in all situations. I think there should be a structured calendar to follow:  length of relationship = kind of, and price of, gift to give.

How about this?

0 to 6 months (still "just dating") =  sweet or funny card and a small box of candy

6 months to 1 year (ready to call each other boyfriend & girlfriend) = sweet card using the word "love" in it and a bud vase with a few roses

1 to 4 years (truly in a relationship) = a sexy and mushy card, and a dozen roses - delivered to work place. Very traditional

5 years of dating to marriage = the dozen roses AND a gift of jewelry!  Where's the ring?  ha

Marriage to first 3 years wedded (without children) = a dozen roses, and a nice dinner out together

3 years of marriage to children's arrival = a little overnight get away (how do you think the children come??) with a special romantic dinner

Children years = get a babysitter for dinner out and a sweet card about being the most wonderful mother of the children, and small gifts for the kids

Teenage children years = a sweet and loving card about loving the experiences we share as a family. Dinner out if it's not on the same night as a child's sports event or music concert.

Married 20 years & empty nesters = obligation of cards and a dozen roses

Married 25 years or more = pick up a card and tell each other Valentine's Day is for the young!

Ok,ok.  I'm half-joking.  But, there is some obligation at any "stage" of a relationship when it comes to the big LOVE day in February.  And, I think men feel it the most.  Poor guys. They want to do what's right, what's expected, but not be too over the top. 

We know the card and candy companies and the florists LOVE the holiday the most!  In fact, they need it to be successful.  As my hubby says, it puts people to work. So, we should all do our little part (or whatever is required depending on your relationship length). 

Valentine's Day is this coming Tuesday.  Are you feeling the pressure?

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  1. We've never done anything big for the day. My husband is very thoughtful year round so I don't feel like I need him to prove that on Valentine's Day. We have an old friend coming to a nearby town on Tues for work, he is actually one of hubs best friends and I told him if he wanted to go hang out and have a beer with him I wouldn't care. They don't get to see one another very often. I did book us dinner somewhere nice for this weekend and I got myself a mani/pedi today. That all feels warm and fuzzy to me : )