Thursday, February 2, 2012

Calm winter = crazy summer ?

I was talking to a friend yesterday about this unusual and amazing winter weather we are enjoying.  It's been a very beautiful and mild winter so far here in the lowcountry.  I have said a few times recently that I hope we don't have a late cold snap that will destroy all the blooms already popping out on the trees.  My daffs are already starting to bloom.  Trees are budding.  Everything is feeling the warmth of the sunshine and coming back to life already.

Some true South Carolinians tell me that once February shows up around here we are past the cold weather, and that it's the start of spring.

Yippee!!!   I love it!

But, you heard this here first:  The friend I was talking to yesterday told me that mild winters are usually followed by crazy summers.  He said hurricanes (and bad ones) can be more likely.  He told me to prepare for it!  

Now, I have not checked the Farmers' Almanac and don't know how much of what he said is historically factual.  BUT...  I am writing this down now.  Hurricane season doesn't start until July.  So, I may forget his words by then. 

Let this be a reminder! 

Let's see what happens.


  1. Someone told me yesterday that the Almanac says March is looking rough in terms of winter. I hope not. I dislike snow in March. We've had mild temps here too-it was 50 yesterday which you know is rare for NJ in February.

    I am on fb and post pictures there. I like to use pictures on my blog too because they serve as a prompt for the words. Plus I use a lot of words and I think the pictures break that up : )

  2. Eh. Predictions bother me. How do "they" know for sure?! We are having a wonderfully mild and unusually bright winter which is great! I hope that doesn't mean something bad for the rest of the year...

    I choose to believe we are in for an amazing summer! Yay!