Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday's Hodgepodge

Once again I find that some of the questions in my friend's "Wednesday's Hodgepodge" list interesting.  So, I will ask & answer them, and invite you to answer them too.

What makes you proud?  What keeps you humble?   Proud:  I am very proud of my family.  My husband works hard and is very devoted to his profession AND his family.  He plans well, and executes well - and then leaves time for fun.   I'm also proud of my two daughters who have grown into smart, well-balanced young adults.  Somehow they seemed to have picked up the right things to learn in school and stayed away from the trouble. They have become much like their father, in that they work hard, and care about their jobs, and also make time to be with friends...and with me!  Thank you girls!     Humble:  Easy.  I look at all that God has given to me because he loves me.  All the people around me are blessings and I am so humbled to have the life I have. 

Where is the catch-all (aka dunping ground) in your house?   It's hard to limit this answer to one spot.  I have a papers catch-all by my phone on the kitchen counter.   Bigger items get taken down to the utility room.   I will say though I have made a point to "use it or lose it" and if something isn't necessary or isn't something I know for sure I will use again, it goes to the recycle center/dump in my town.

Oh - and for some reason my ironing board in the bedroom collects alot.  Clothes to be put away, ironed, worn briefly, etc.

Do you visit state/national parks when you travel?  If so, which one is your favorite?   I'm abit embarrassed to say that "no" I do not search out and visit the wonderful parks we have in this country.  I have been to some, but when I think of planning a vacation I do not think about a state or national park.  Perhaps it's because as a kid I camped on family vacations alot.  Been there, done that.  Also, I live in such a beautiful area it's like living in a park.  We have several State parks near by...Huntington State Park, and Myrtle Beach State Park.  Heading south we have the huge Francis Marian forest areas - and Hobcaw Barony, a preserve with forests, wetlands, and the ocean.  All of these are very close by and beautiful!

How would you define honor?    I think it's easier to define someone who is "honorable". This is a person who lives knowing right from wrong and chooses to live "right" and has respect. It's someone who would not purposely harm another person or thing.  This person sees the good and the importance in everything.  

Angel's food or devil's food - cake?   Devil's food for sure!  Chocolate is the best.  Therefore it is what I have chosen to "give up" during lent. 

The most recent trip you have taken?  How many hours in the car?  Do you zoom to the destination or do you stop occasionally and travel leisurely?  What is your favorite car snack?
Last week I drove to Charlotte from here.  I went to have dinner with my hubby, my daughters, and my niece.  I stayed overnight.  It turned out to be 4 hrs and 15 minutes.   I can most definitely tell you that I am "on a mission" when I get behind the wheel to reach my destination.  When I need to stop I like to combine getting gas, going to the bathroom, and grabbing some food all at once.  I usually eat as I drive so as not to waste time sitting in a restaurant along the way.   My favorite snack:  peanut M&M's (I call them "caffeine pills" ) and coffee.  I like coffee but don't want to drink too much to have to make additional pee breaks! 

Random thought:  Today is Ash Wednesday.  I have seen some people around today who have already been to church and have ashes on their foreheads.  I am going to church tonight.  It's the start of Lent (and yes, I'm giving up chocolate) and the journey to the cross. I suggest anyone who wants to learn more to attend Lenten services.  Easter is the best part of the story, but without going to Lenten services it's like reading the last chapter of a book without knowing all the characters, the plot, without getting the whole meaning.  Do yourself a favor to learn more and commit yourself to it.

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  1. We do the same thing when traveling - combine all our stops at once. If for some reason we need a potty break, we either go ahead and fill up (hopefully avoiding another stop down the road). We're always anxious to get to our destination (which is usually Hilton Head ... we cannot wait to dig our toes into the sand!).