Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Bye bye April !

Where did this month go?
We are almost to May and the Hodgepodge questions start off with a little saying about the month of May.  Join in!

1. April showers bring May flowers or so the saying goes. Has your April been filled with showers? Do you carry an umbrella, wear a slicker, or make a run for it? Besides rain, what else has filled your April? 
Around these parts we have had a bit of rain the past few days.  Yesterday was a "wash out."   But, before that the month has been pretty dry - and sunny.   We needed some rain so I'm not complaining.
When I go out in the rain I keep myself dry with an umbrella.  I keep an umbrella in my car to be prepared.  
How did I fill April?  With the usual:  music rehearsals and a couple of concerts, gardening, and work around the house.  I also got to spend some time with some family members and some friends.  

2. What's something you could you give a 30-minute presentation on at a moment's notice and with zero preparation?

Hmmm.  I don't know.   I don't have any unusual, or special, knowledge that others might find interesting.  If you are reading this, give me a suggestion!?!   

3. Share with us a favorite food memory from childhood.

One favorite food memory is the homemade cheesecake that my mother made for us every Christmas... she served it with canned cherries on top.  I loved that cheesecake!   It had a graham cracker crust - and a sweet, smooth cheesy filling.  

4. What's a song you thought you knew the lyrics to, but later discovered you were wrong?

This question makes me laugh.  For the longest time I sang the old Bread song called "Everything I Own" wrong. It was popular when I was in high school and the lyrics are:  "You taught me how to love, what it's of - what it's of..."  and I thought it said "You taught me how to love, what a tongue - what a tongue..." and sang it that way.   My best girlfriend and I laughed and laughed when we realized what I was singing!!  

5. According to one travel website, the most overrated tourist attractions in America are-
Niagara Falls (NY), Hollywood Walk of Fame (California), Times Square (NYC), Epcot (FL), Seattle Space Needle (WA), and Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market (Boston). How many of these have you seen in person? Did you feel like a tourist? Did you care? Tell us about a place (not on the list) you've visited that might be considered a tourist trap, but you love it anyway.

From the list above, I have been to Niagara Falls, Times Square, and Epcot.   Did I feel like a tourist?  Yes - and I was.  I didn't care - most people are tourists in those spots.

Another spot I have been to that is considered a 'tourist trap" is "South of the Border" on the state line for North and South Carolina.   That's all it is - one big tourist trap!!  And a dirty one it is!   It's best to just keep on driving and not stop there!! 

6. Your signature clothing item?

Variations and all kinds of flip-flop sandals.  

7. What's an experience you've had you think everyone should experience at least once? Why?

 I'm trying to think of an experience I have had that is a bit unusual, or different, or that is something not everyone knows about or does.  I can't think of anything. I'm not a dare devil, or a person that lives on the edge -  and I have no special talent.   I look forward to reading other Hodgepodge answers.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

May is one of my favorite months.  The weather is nice.  Some activities are winding down and I'm ready for a break from them.  Other summer-time activities are kicking in, like boating and concert going.   I like the summer-time 'state of mind.'  Less hectic.  Longer daylight.   I like a warm day, followed by a nice evening to sit out on my deck with a glass of wine.  What's a summer-time 'treat' you enjoy? 

I hope you get to enjoy it soon!     Have a great week ahead!


  1. I remember that song by Bread...I'll be singing it all day now. Your "interpretation" is hilarious! I'm all about flip-flops in the summer, too, but I have a hard time finding a pair that feel good on my feet. The ones made out of yoga mats are the best!

  2. May is my favorite month. The greening up can clearly be seen, and it's just about time to dig in the dirt.

  3. I love cherry cheesecake and your Mom's homemade version must be delicious! I love flip flops, too, although these days I've had to switch to a more foot-friendly version. I'm thankful that they still looks fashionable!

  4. I can't believe it's almost May either! May still felt a bit 'wintry' in NJ so I'm enjoying a southern spring (except the pollen!! yikes!). I was in boots in Seattle!

  5. By the time you get your house sold I bet you could give at least a 30 minute talk on that subject! What about compassion and politics? :) South of the Border. Bahahahaha! I haven't been there in YEARS. Thankfully. LOL We're entering your favorite time of year and my least favorite. I'm going to look hard to find something to appreciate about summer this time around every day. I may have to sneak over here for ideas. :)

  6. Hi there :)

    Wine or a cocktail on a deck would definitely be a treat!

    I've been to South of the Border! I forgot all about it, until you mentioned it. That place is awful, isn't it? lol


  7. I'm only a week late for this one....
    I love cheesecake. Love your wrong lyrics :)
    I would love to see Niagara Falls. Sitting on your porch with wine sounds lovely. I love my Fall season of shows but always look forward to May when they end for the season.