Monday, April 3, 2017

Monday: QBing

Here I go again...

A little Monday morning quarterbacking!

*   First, congrats to the Lady Gamecocks of the University of South Carolina!  NCAA Women's basketball champs!   And, congrats to the Gamecock men who made it into the Final Four and gave us all some thrills along the way!

*  I'm not a huge basketball fan in general but it's fun to watch during March Madness.  I filled out a bracket before the games started and I picked UNC to go all the way!  They may just take it all!  (PS - it's the only time I ever root for the 'other' Carolina! )

*  You know I have to say something about the ACM Awards last night!!  Right?      In the past, there have been a few performances that were lackluster or questionable.... but NOT last night!  I thought ALL the performances were awesome!   I normally don't like the collaborations with non-country artists, but since Florida-Georgia Line has a song on the radio with Backstreet Boys, it made sense to have them perform together.  I gotta admit it was good!  Of course, I loved Keith Urban - and thought he should have won Entertainer of the Year.   And, I love Tim...and Dierks, and really all of them.  I'm glad the Brothers Osborne won for best Duo!  They are awesome in concert!    It was a great night of country music!

* And, you know I can't QB without saying something political.  My hubby told me Friday night that I turn people off with all my Facebook posts on the subject.   He said I'm not changing anybody's mind... and they get annoyed with me.    I know he is right.  Really, I know I am not going to change anyone's mind. But, I get SO SO SO frustrated sometimes!   Facebook (and this blog) is my only outlet for my frustration.  So, I continue to apologize.  Really.   You all don't know ALL the posts I see on my timeline that I "like" or laugh at, but don't re-post.   I try to restrain myself, and I am successful - sometimes.    Again, I apologize.    And, as I have said before, I continually question how much 'activism' I should do - because I don't want to be a part of the silent majority, or don't want to live my life without having passion... or don't want to see the pain of those who suffer from inadequate systems. 

*  Speaking of....   hubby and I also talked about how Sean Spicer Press Conferences have become "Must See TV!"   Never ever before have I turned on the TV around 2:00pm in the afternoon on a regular basis to watch White House press conferences!  But, these are different times... and I enjoy watching Sean do what he does. From 'day one' he has had a boss that keeps him on his toes, and has him trying to figure out how to rationalize tweets, etc.  

*  So, I have mentioned handbelling before.  Yesterday I played in a handbell trio at church.  It's a different feel when you are only 3 (and piano) . We played two pieces at both church services.  It went pretty well. There were a couple of mistakes among us (bells that didn't ring out enough, etc.) but all in all, it was fine.  We had to change bells between the pieces - and had practiced doing it.  But somehow (?!?!) I had placed the E 5, instead of the E 6, in front of me to play - and I didn't know it  until I struck it.  It surprised me - but I tried not to show it on my face.  That's a part of performing:  don't show mistakes on your face because often nobody knows anyway!  lol  

* House update:  Our home that is for sale is still 'in process' of updating the interior.  It should be done by this coming weekend and then we will update the pictures on the MLS, and Zillow.   We had a realtor bring a woman through on Wednesday.   I think she liked it.  She was there a long time.  But... but...    who knows!?!   Can I ask for a few prayers on this?

*  As timing would have it, the house we live in is having some landscape work done right now too.   Everywhere I go:  work people!     They all have been nice - and have done good work.  The landscapers have an irrigation issue.  A broken pipe or something?!?   But, it happens.

* Is April the giraffe even pregnant?  How can the zookeepers be so off on her due date?!?!

*  For years now I have lived away from my family... my Ohio family.   I moved away, really away - across the country - when I got married some 31 years ago.  Hubby and I have lived in different areas of this country, but never back close to the Ohio group.   It makes me think of the saying about the "family tree" that has the same roots but that the branches go out in all different directions.  We are still the same tree.  I'm just a branch that went 'errant' somehow.  LOL   A branch off alone at times.   It makes me sad because I don't know much about what the Ohio branches are doing.  But it is how trees grow, and how life takes us.   It still makes me sad.

*  Speaking of family, daughter #1 and her hubby are coming here for Easter weekend!  I can't wait!  I haven't seen them since....  Christmas?  Can that be right?    oh my.    Daughter #2, the CPA, has to work because the tax deadline has been pushed back until the 18th.   I look forward to seeing her when we go to the Tim & Faith "Soul 2 Soul - 2" concert in North Charleston a few days after.   She has always been my concert buddy!   (I raised her right!  ha  Other daughter:  I know you love concerts too... and I raised you right too. )

*  Time to run.  I am helping our church quilting group this afternoon.  What a wonderful group of ladies!  No - I don't quilt, but I lay out the squares and pin them.  And, I tie.   We all pitch in and make many, many quilts that go out to Lutheran World Relief, and to local charities and members.

Have a great week everyone!!   HELLO APRIL!!!  


  1. Don't apologize for your opinion. We don't all have to agree with each other, even though I am in the boat with you on your political thoughts. I'm with you, I'm not trying to change anyone's mind. Everyone has their own opinions and there's nothing wrong with that. I have my ways of expressing my opinions but it's rarely via social media just because of the backlash. I don't want to change their minds but they sure do want to change mine or tell me how stupid I am because I think the way I do. Bullies are just going to be bullies. I don't love basketball either but I sure was proud of the USC women's team! I've watched them for a few years and I like what I see. Awesome group of young women! I am a UNC fan, have been since I was young but that's just for basketball. When it comes to college football, it's Ohio State all the way for me! I have no idea why but it's been like this since I was a little girl. Have a wonderful week!

  2. That giraffe coverage has been a little over the top! Like most things in the good ole USA : ) I loved the show too...I think Miranda's performance was one of my faves. She sounded so good. And I enjoyed the Lady A performance a lot too. I agree Keith should have one, but Thomas Rhett gave a really gracious speech and I appreciated that.