Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Who wins with the political ads?

As I wrote in an  earlier blog post, South Carolina is in the midst of a big political week.  We are holding a primary day this Saturday,  Sidenote:  I just found out that SC is an "open primary" state which means ALL registered South Carolinians can vote, regardless of party affiliation.  When we register in the state we don't have to claim a party allegience, therefore anybody can vote in the Republican Primary here.  It doesn't make sense, does it?

But, my reason for writing today's blog is really about the barrage of television commercials that have hit the airwaves in preparation for Saturday's voting.  It seems that every commercial break has one or more political ads in them.  Often back to back. 

I wonder:  what happens with all the other paid advertising?  You know, the regular commercials we see...for cereal, adult-performing drugs, toliet paper, etc.  The political ads have take over.  I'm guessing to get the air spots during this important week, the political powers (those super-secret PAC groups - "paid for by the people of the red, white & blue" etc. but not directly run by the candidate - ha) offer top dollar for running the ads.  They "kick out" the regular ads by giving the TV stations big bucks.  What a bonanza for the television stations! Big revenues for the media in South Carolina this week!

But here's the irony in it all:  The ads TURN OFF voters.  They are almost always mean-spirited, putting down the other candidates, often telling "half-truths" with sound bites out of context, and at the same making themselves sound pompous and almighty.   

I have yet to meet one person who watches the political TV commercials closely in hopes of picking their choice for the next president.  Everyone knows they are not done honestly.  

Millions of dollars in paid advertising spent for nothing.  (Except for making a good month for the TV stations sales dept.) 

Crazy, isn't it?  

Hey Republicans: you want to get rid of wasteful spending?    Stop buying the political ads!  (Let's give that same money to the needy, to those who need medical help, or who have no money for food on the table.)

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