Thursday, January 12, 2012

New mothers need help.

This is a quick post to remind any and all of my readers that the baby layette program is in need of some items right now.   I coordinate a program where we make up "gift baskets" for new needy moms for the local hospitals here.  The nurses in the OB ward identify the women who need help and give them a basket.  Believe it or not, there are moms who have just delivered and they don't even have a "going home" outfit for their new little bundle of joy.  They don't have a warm blanket to swaddle the infant in, nor do they have the basic diapering & bathing supplies they will need at home.

So, if you have one or some of these items, please send them to me.  (I'll giveyou my address via email.

We need:  onesies and sleepers for babies up to 6 months
                 baby blankets
                 little hats & booties
                 disposable diapers for babies up to 20 lbs
                 small packs of baby wipes
                 "head to toe" body shampoo
                 baby towels & washcloths

Also:        We need baskets or plastic totes (about the size of a child's beach basket).

In addition, I like to put a little stuffed animal (Beanie Babies or the same size) in each layette basket.  I also put a hand-written note in the basket letting the mom know  that we want to start her and her new baby off on the right track, and that we love them both and wish them well.

I've been getting great support through my church and friends, but right now all items are needed.  Perhaps it's because we all have the "stay out of store" January blues or Christmas bills to pay off.  The supplies for the baskets are low.

We will take items that are new OR gently used.  I wash them, and prepare the baskets.  The past few months we have given out about 4 to 6 baskets each week.

Your help is very much appreciated.  Thank you.


  1. You are doing wonderful work, Marla. Let me think about how I can help from a distance. I will contact you.

  2. Thanks Martha. I love doing it, and have heard how much the nurses appreciate it. They like to see the babies going home dressed and swaddled properly. And, I think in some situations the new moms feel alone and hopefully this is a small way to let them know that someone cares.