Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Name Game

Remember that song?  You would take your name and replace the first letter of it.  "Marla, Marla...bo-barla, banana-fana fo farla.  Fee, fie, fo farla...  Marla. "   It was a huge hit back in the 60's.  Such a silly song. 

My niece just announced that she is going to have another baby boy - in May.  And I'm sure she and her hubby are already thinking about what to name the little guy when he arrives.  Their first baby they named Luke David.  We in the family tried to guess his name while he was still in vitro, and we gave suggestions to his mom and dad.  But, we were a bit surprised with the choice they made. Don't get me wrong: Luke David is a very solid name, very Biblical, and easy for the kid to live with all his life.  It was a good choice.  I definitely like it. 

So, I'm thinking baby #2 may have the same characteristics. A true "boy's name" (no gender guessing), and easy to say, perhaps Biblical again.  And of  course it has to go okay with his last name which is Burns.  You can imagine, there were a few first name suggestions that would have been quite funny... going with Burns.  Rug, sun...you get the idea.

Jay Z and Beyonce just had a little girl this week and named her Blue Ivy.  It seems a lot of celebrities like to name their kids with unusual names.  Will she be called Blue?  (That name makes me sad! lol), or Ivy, or B.I. (rappers like initials)?    Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman named their first daughter Sunday - but she was born on a Tuesday.   He has a popular country song called "It's Raining on Sunday."  So now everytime I hear him sing it I think that his poor daughter is getting wet.

Do you like your name? I'm wondering how many of us are walking around with a name we wish we didn't have.  I like mine.  It's not really popular, or ordinary but it's not way out there either.  And, it's not spelled in a funny, awkward way.  I have been called Marlo a few times - thanks to Marlo Thomas I think.  And, I more often I get called Maria when people see my name written.  I have sat in waiting rooms while "Maria...oh Maria" is called a few times, before I realize it's ME they are ready to see.

Hubby and I named our daughters Lauren and Kristen back in the 80's. We both liked the names and I liked how well it went with our last name.  We used their middle names as a way to honor our parents, and to keep a "family name" going.   When we named them we had NO clue how popular those names were at the time.  Especially Lauren!  It's became the Mary or Kathy or Debbie from my era.  My poor daughter has had at least one other Lauren in just about any class she's been in all through school.  Sometimes more Laurens than that.   Kristen is popular too, but there are a few optional spellings for it.   But, girls: I still love the names we picked and hope you are okay with having them.  Be happy I didn't name you Tuesday (Lauren you were born on a Tuesday) or Green Lily (my favorite color and a pretty flower.)  ha! 

So, what will the new baby in our family be named?  I am guessing we will have to await his arrival to know for certain.  I'm thinking James Nathan, or Matthew (they could go for all Gospel names!), or Adam...or Peter...    


Let me know what you think of your own name!  Do you like it?  Is there a meaning behind being given the name?  And if you don't like it ,what name would you prefer to have? 

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