Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's all over but the cleaning.

This morning the last of the family left, and the house is quiet now. It was a wonderful Christmas and New Year's season.   Here's a recap:

Much food, desserts, and wine were had.  The dishwasher ran just about every single day.

Our trash can filled to the brim - and overflowed on the pickup day after Christmas.

A total of 9 people stayed here at some point.  Many others visited.   2 dogs were in the house. 4 cats were fed.

We visited Brookgreen to see the lights, and worshiped Christmas Eve by candlelight.

Handbells were rung.

Alot of football was watched.

But so were the classic holiday movies. 

The house was decorated and looked beautiful with greenery and colored bulbs outside, and the Christmas tree inside was lit all in white.

Presents were exchanged, ornaments were decorated, people laughed alot. 

Yes, it was a good Christmas and New Year's.  Now, it's all over but the cleaning.  There is only one person here to put away all the decorations and to dust, vacuum, and clean the bathrooms.

But, that's ok. It was worth it!


  1. I think I finally have all my laundry caught up...we had 13 sleeping here which meant a lot of sheets and towels. It was fun though...happy new year!

  2. We were both in a blogging mood this morning, Marla! Thanks for sharing and happy New Year to all the Fabians!