Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Open mouth, insert foot

I'm feeling bad this morning.  I'm thinking I need some forgiveness.  But, first, I must confess why: sometimes (too often) I open my mouth, and insert my foot. I know I'm not alone in this. But, when I say something that hurts another person I feel like a crumb.  Even smaller than a crumb. 

I guess my parents raised me right in the fact that I feel plenty of guilt about saying things that can hurt someone else.  I learned that yes, sticks and stones can break your bones, but words CAN hurt you!  I learned that people can usually physically heal much faster than they emotionally do. 

I never want to purposely hurt anyone. 

But... here's my dilemna: 

I am. Therefore,  I want to have a "say" in life. I want to express myself and let my voice out. I want to have the freedom to express my opinion.  It validates who I am. It gives people who I personally know a look into what makes Marla tick.   I think that's good. 

But, I walk a thin line sometimes.  I have to quickly decide what can be said - and what should not be said.   I do my best to make the right decision, but sometimes I don't.  For that, I am truly sorry and ask for foregiveness.

This blog has become a nice outlet for me.  I type out what I believe, or express what I think about on a given topic.  I let myself known.  I put myself out there.  Hopefully, I do it without being too offensive to others.  I have written about politics, and about my beliefs about war and the way our government system runs. I know these are sensative subjects.  I write about the media today. (And, I used to work in it.)   I write about faith and religion.  

I try to add a bit of humor.  Because, really, if we can't laugh along the way...  then we are all in trouble!  Life is pretty funny sometimes!   And, I work constantly in trying to respect the other points of view. I know I can respect it even if I don't agree or understand it.

I guess since this is a political year the right to an opinion can extra dividing.  We people fall into "sides" due to the politics of the day, hearing the candidates blurting out their rhetoric 24-7, and the media looking to instigate division for ratings.   

There are some people out there who have decided to become apathetic to it.  (That's an oxymoron!) To decide to be apathetic. Ha!   But being apathetic is "easier" and it's less confrontational, and it's a statement in itself.  

I don't want to be that way. I want to believe in something. I want to make decisions on issues that I feel right about.  I want to express myself.  So...  yep!   Open mouth, insert foot!      Please forgive me.

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  1. I think your own blog is a place to express your own opinions. Nobody has to read, right? I also want to kinda shake people who don't vote. I think we Americans sometimes forget how much of a privilege that is. I just saw photos on another blog of protesters in Egypt. All we have to do is walk into a nice warm school or library, step behind a computer, and mark our choices. We should take advantage of that freedom and right.