Friday, January 20, 2012

I was born to live in a warm climate.

Today is one of those days where it goes from sunny, to cloudy, and back and forth, in the matter of minutes.  The weather is changing... and the forecast for this weekend is for warm temps (into the 70s, and it's January!) but rainy.  Maybe even a thunderstorm or two.

I just came in from a long walk with my dog and as we walked at times I felt the warm sun and as we walked fast (and jogged a little)  it was really refreshing out.  It put me in a great mood!

It got me thinking...  

I've known it for a long time - I have a real "sensibility" to weather.  It can really make or break my day.  I "let" it effect my feelings I guess -  and sometimes I think I must be pretty shallow, or fickle, because I am so moody when it comes to the weather.   Am I a weather snob?

For those who don't know my background, I grew up in cold Ohio and mild Maryland. As an adult I lived in various climates in Virginia, northern California, Georgia, Maryland (again), and then New Jersey.  So, I've lived in spots where it gets cold and snows, and I've also lived in areas where it rarely gets down to freezing at night.  

For some reason I was born with a love for being warm. Is it in my genes?  A part of my DNA? I don't know. Half of my family live in the cold, and seem to tolerate it better than I ever could. In the past, when I lived in those cold states, I struggled with keeping a smile on my face in the winter months. I cocooned myself indoors.  And in time I started to dread the coming of the cold temps as soon as summer ended.  I never liked putting on a winter coat or boots...bundling up. UGH.  Oh, I occasionally liked a cuddly sweater, and a pretty scarf.  But, to be honest, I could live in shorts and flip flops all year long. 

I have "come alive" since moving to South Carolina.  It's the warmth, the beach life - and being outdoors much more often than I used to be.  I appreciate everything outdoors around here:  the amazing birds (did we have birds in the north?), the open marshes, and big blue sky.   Nature at it's best!  It's beautiful!

I guess it's a good thing not everyone feels like I do or we'd all be squished together living in the warm climates, and nobody would enjoy the snowy north.

But, as for me, I have found my weather-heaven!  Actually, hubby thinks we both might enjoy Key West more because it never even gets chilly there.  Hmmmm...  he does have a point!   Ha!  For me, here, now, I love this place and this weather.   It's January, my daffs are starting to pop out of the ground, the tree buds are already forming, and it won't be long til I can get out my shorts and flip-flops!

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  1. I do believe that I could have written that. In fact, we would have retired to South Carolina ... but my daughter and grandkids are here in Illinois, and I just could not stand to be that far from them. Although even South Carolina gets chillier in the winter than I'd like ... maybe your hubby's idea of Key West is a winner!