Monday, April 8, 2013

G is for Garage Sale

I'm using today's letter G in the A to Z challenge as an advertisement for my church Garage Sale happening this Saturday.  (St. Peter's Lutheran - Pawleys Island, 8:00am - 12Noon.)

I am one of the ladies in charge of it and this sale is a big fundraiser event for the women of the church.  We raise money to give to charities - and to pay for some "in-house" needs.  Our big charity this year is our local chapter of Habitat for Humanity, but we will also give to Backpack Buddies and to the ladies' quilting group.

Do you like going to garage sales?   Are you one of those who wake up early on Saturday morning with newspaper in hand, ready to search out a great deal?  

I admit I have come to love Springtime and the "big" garage sales that take place around here.  Our church sale is fun and I always find a few "treasures" there (and I get first "dibs" since I am setting it up)  I love to go to the ones put on by whole neighborhoods in our town too.  We have some communities that hold a Garage Sale with 30 or more homes participating!  It's like a frenzy going place to place - again, looking for that great bargain!  It's also a fun social event.  The weather is good - and people are out walking, saying hello to everyone (hey - it's the south! they do that here!)

So, my letter G is all about the joys of a springtime Garage Sale! Cleaning out, selling, then finding treasures - and raising money to help others.   It's all good

if you are a local, I hope you can come to ours at St. Peter's, this Saturday morning! 

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