Monday, April 1, 2013

The A to Z Challenge

Hi blogger friends!

there is a writing "game" out there in bloggers-world that starts today. It's called the A to Z Challenge.  Participants will blog about a topic alphabetically all of April (except Sundays.) I don't know if I can keep up with it but I like the discipline, and since it's "Day One" I'll give it a start and see what happens.

The Letter A

A is for Anticipation.

April is a month of anticipation for me. I am excited about the coming days and some events that will happen soon.  I am anticipating the following:

The Women's Church Garage Sale.  I am in charge of it and I enjoy the work and the fun times with the other ladies.  I find it like a little treasure hunt as we get items brought in for the sale, and I get to look through it all and get a "head start" on my purchases.  I like cleaning out here at home & taking the items for sale there too.   It's great to get rid of things, knowing they will be used by others and the money raised will go for some needy causes.  The sale is Saturday, April 13th.

The Pawleys Island band concert.  I play flute and we have been practicing for a few months for our April concert. Mostly show tunes!  I love them!  Lots of "medleys" from Phantom of the Opera, Les Miz, Willy Wonka, the Sound of Music, and more.  Such great music!

Better weather, more flowers, and longer hours of daylight!  I look forward to all that Mother Nature  brings in April! (Well, maybe not severe storms & tornadoes. Spring rain is needed but not too much, please!)  

I look forward to and anticipate some days on the boat.  Boating season is just starting.   All of the summer activities are just around the corner. I anticipate all of those fun times!  The CMA Fest, our  annual family week at Lakeside, golfing, and name a few.

So, A is for Anticipation.   

What will letter B mean to me?   

Tune in tomorrow! 

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  1. I'm glad you're playing along in the challenge. In years past I've been much better organized, but this year I'm winging it a little. We'll see how that goes : ) Good luck-it will be fun to follow along!