Friday, April 19, 2013

The letter Q

Morning all... 

Today's letter is Q and it's a crazy morning as we all are glued to TV watching the Boston area police looking for the Boston Marathon bomber.  

So, today's Q word has got to be Quick.  Let's find the brother-at-large, and end this situation quickly. I know all police are out in force and residents are hiding in their homes.  I hope law enforcement finds him quickly and ends this horrible week.  

Did anyone see the ecumenical service at the Boston Cathedral yesterday? I was able to watch about an hour of it and I thought it was absolutely lovely, and inspiring!  All the clergy spoke eloquently and gave hope.  The music was outstanding.  

Even amid the horror of this week people rise above, and love does conquers all.

I pray it all ends QUICKLY, safely, and justice is done.  Amen

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  1. In times like these (which are more and more frequent) I'm always struck by the fact that what is meant for evil produces so much good. It seems the people who perpetrate these acts do so in hopes of stirring up fear and anxiety. Instead we see bravery, courage, and kindness rise up.