Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Hodgepodge is here!

Happy mid-April everyone!  It's a beautiful time of the year, although I would be remiss without mentioning the beauty of this season is contrasted with the horrible scenes and the lives forever changed in Boston yesterday.   We certainly live in a world of opposites. May God's promise of eternal life and forgiveness help everyone today dealing with the tragedy at the marathon. 

On to the Hodgepodge...

1.  April 15th is the deadline for Americans to file their state and federal income tax returns. What's a job you do on a regular basis that could be described as 'taxing'?

I am at a point in my life where I don't do something I consider taxing...partly because I am blessed with where I am and who I am with, but also because I have learned to say "no" to things I don't have a desire to do. It took me a long time to master "no", but I'm there now...and it's wonderful! 

2.  I'm participating in the April a -Z Blog challenge, and the Hodgepodge happens to fall on Day O this week.  In keeping with that theme...olives, onions, oysters, okra...of the foods mentioned, what's your favorite O food?

I love green and black olives.  I love onions...raw and cooked.  I eat okra, but usually when it's prepared in a dish with other food.  But, I am not in any way possible a fan of oysters! I don't like to look at them (so grey and slimy) and I don't like to see people 'slurping' them down.

3.  What is something memorable you experienced as a child that your own children will not get to experience?

Well, there are a lot of things I experienced as a child that have been updated or have become obsolete due to new technology.   Typewriters, rotary phones, wind-up car windows, etc.   I'm not sure they are memorable to me...  so that makes this question tougher to answer.  Remember Jiffy Pop popcorn?  In the aluminum foiled pan that you put on the stove top and shook??   I suppose that was something intriguing as a kid, and a real treat.  Again, it became obsolete with the invention of microwaves and microwavable packages.   I even remember my mother having a special "popcorn pot".  It had a lid to twirl because it had a wire attached to it to keep the kernels moving.   Anybody still have one those? 

4.  Term limits for our elected officials...your thoughts?

I believe in term limits.  I think it would be helpful to have elected officials that knew they only had a certain amount of time to serve, to make a difference, and to make changes...before then re-entering the "real" work world again.   Perhaps they would not be as likely to drag things out.  Perhaps they would know what it is like to have to change jobs and to keep fresh.  It might also take away the whole pompous power attitude that many get.    Maybe...    we can hope....      it's worth a try.

5.   On April 18th, 1775 Paul Revere made his famous 'midnight ride'...  when did you last make a midnight ride?

Oh my.  I am not a last night person - AT ALL.  So, I have not gone out at midnight for a long, long time - if ever.  Even in my single days in my 20's I was not the type of person to go hit the bars late or to go to a midnight movie showing.    I think my answer to this question has to be 'never.'

6.  What would freak you out more... a mouse running across the floor or a big hairy spider?

Is the hairy spider running across the floor too?  If so, then the spider would freak me out more.  I am not normally afraid of spiders - because they are pretty easy to smash.  A mouse is very quick...and he leaves droppings in unusual places.  Yuck. It doesn't freak me out though because I have had good luck with mouse traps.  ( :     So, I don't like to see either in my house but I am not too afraid to "deal with them".

7.  I love it when people ask me __________ .   About my daughters!  I'm very proud of them!  Just ask me!

8.  My random thought. 

On a light note:  "The Voice", "Dancing with the Stars" and "American Idol" are all on TV right now.  Do you have a favorite show?  Favorite judge?  Favorite contestant?     I still am very true to watching "Idol" and am amazed how so many that make the top ten go on to have musical careers.   I also just love to sit and watch both the lovely dancing & the humor on "DWTS".   My favorite there has got to be Kellie Pickler and Derek.  I love them both!

Have a peaceful week.


  1. I'm with on 'just say no' to things that are too taxing.
    Oh, Jiffy Pop. My grandma used to get that for us when we visited her and it was a treat. We laugh because if every last kernel didn't pop, she would take it back to the store and they would give her a new one. Embarrassing and awesome at the same time. :) Happy Wednesday!

  2. I am definitely pulling for Derek and Kellie to bring home the win on DWTS! They are fantastic! Don't you wish they could convince Tim to participate? Now, that would be something to SEE! ;) Nope...not a fan of oysters, either! My lips have never touched one...and they never will!

  3. I thought if you lived in SC you had to eat oysters : ) I love them as long as they're not gigantic. When we visited Prince Edward Island we went out with an oysterman...pulled them right out of the water and he cracked them for us right there. So good!!

  4. We are watching Dancing with the stars however we missed Monday nights show because of the bombing. It was pre-empted.

  5. I don't watch any of those shows. We don't watch too much TV. Years ago we watched Apprentice.

    On the technology...my son thinks it is so fun to use the typewriter at the library. I grew up with one in the house as a kid. Glad he can experience such at library at least!