Thursday, April 11, 2013

The letter J

Since this is the first time doing the A to Z Challenge I think I would be remiss if I didn't say Jesus was my J word.   I sat for a few minutes to think of other J words but nothing compelled me as much as Jesus...and I know I'm certainly not the first to say that!

Most of my readers are well-acquainted with Jesus, son of God, part of the Triune God, once also a man who came to earth to show us how to live.  Then He died for us, only to conquer death and let us know that earthly death is not the end for us.   I think most of us know the  "story".   I like to remind people it's not a fiction story... I think as kids we think of "story time"  as a time when we listened to silly stories read. The Bible is not that.  In fact, it's a book of biography!

Anyway, I chose Jesus as my J word today because I have used him as an example in my life for how to live, and how I want to treat others.  Remember the slogan "What Would Jesus Do?"    WWDJ?   It may be a bit passé now but it's still a question I ask myself in situations I get into when I am unsure.  I figure if I react or respond as I think Jesus would then I'm doing the best thing I could.   He is the role model.   He spoke of peace and love and helping others.  He gave us the "answer" to living with one another.  We all still don't always get it - or follow through with what he taught.  But if we did it would certainly be a happier and more caring world.  

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