Friday, April 5, 2013

The Letter E

I admit I didn't think of an E word immediately.  Not one word came to mind quickly with an emotional connection for me anyway...   eggs, envelope, easy.

But, after a few minutes of thinking about it, I will say that my E word is Etiquette.  

Why?   I think it's a word that is slowly disappearing, but it's still essential to many aspects of life and to caring about people.  I looked up the definition and etiquette means using social convention, to have good manners, to follow the conduct that is accepted.

With each generation etiquette changes - and more than less it relaxes.   Gone are the days of "etiquette school"...yes, children DID go to them to learn things like how to set the proper table, how to introduce people to each other, and how to behave at parties, etc.   Boys were taught to hold a door for a young lady and to pull out her chair to help her sit.

Okay, so some etiquette is dated and gone with the "women's lib" and equality movement. 

But, I think my point for picking etiquette as my E word is that sometimes, still today, helping another person - and using "proper etiquette" is a very nice sign of respect.   It can be a positive thing for the person giving - and receiving.  

So, I hope etiquette doesn't totally disappear.   What do you think?  Should we be putting a bit more emphasis on etiquette? 

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  1. Yes : ) Good manners never get old! I think technology contributes to the lack of etiquette in a lot of situations, but its up to parents to teach their children good manners. Greeting people, making eye contact (as opposed to one eye on your phone!), not interrupting, saying thank much of this very basic stuff is missing and I don't think we're better for it.