Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Letter L

Today's letter is L and this is a much easier letter for me to think of a word (or two) for...

it's labor of Love!

I just got back from our church women's annual garage sale.  We worked hard for 2 days preparing for it. We all donated, many unpacked and sorted, and others priced.  This morning the doors opened at 8:00am exactly to a line of people waiting to find a treasure or two.   For all the volunteers from church it was a labor of love.  All of the money raised from the garage sale will go directly to charities.  We have picked our local chapter of Habitat for Humanity, our local Backpack Buddies program, and the St. Peter's women quilters. 

I put pictures up on Facebook of the room filled to the brim with items.  And, this morning I took a picture of the room filled with shoppers.

I don't have the dollar amount total yet, but whatever it is, it will be money given to help out with worthy causes - which are real people who need assistance.   The labor of love doesn't stop there.  We purposely priced the garage sale items low so that we could offer deals to those who normally can not spend full price for something new.  We gave them an opportunity to get a needed item for the kitchen, or some new bedding...or even a little knick knack that they other wise would not have been able to afford. 

This labor of love was tiring. 3 busy days!  But it was very worth the effort.  

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