Friday, April 12, 2013

The letter K

Today's letter is K....and this is the first time during this challenge that I had to pull out a dictionary to help my brain think of K words.  Koala, kitchen, Ku Klux Klan, Kansas - yikes!  The letter K is difficult, especially for me this morning since I am tired and have another busy day ahead preparing for the big church garage sale tomorrow. 

But, I will go with the word kindergarten.  Why?  It's a happy word.  Who doesn't think back to that first year of school and bring up images of fun times, story reading, snack time - and when I was little we even had "nap time"!   I think of kindergarten teachers as always being sweet and cheerful.  The first examples of what a teacher should be. 

Remember the book " Everything I know I learned in Kindergarten"?   It was about learning to share.  It was about that first year being the foundation of what came after, and it helped you become the person you would be all your life. 

Today many children attend preschool and so kindergarten has become different than when I went.  There's more learning and less play.   I could write a whole 'nother post about that, because preschools cost money and the fortunate go, but not all children do.  Those who are unable to attend an expensive preschool walk into public kindergarten class already behind...not knowing their ABC's, not counting, etc.  The education divide starts that early.  But, like I said - that discussion is for another time.

Today I'm focusing on adorable, little children, wide-eyed and ready to enjoy the day!  Children who love going to school, not sure what to expect but ready to learn, to listen, to play.  (Play - what a great word!  I may have to use that for the letter P.)

Walking forward but looking sideways, holding a little friend's hand...  

kindergarten.   What a beautiful time!  

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  1. Kindergarten is one of my favorite K words. I taught K for several years and think they are the most interesting people on the planet. Little sponges who have not lost their wide eyed wonder at the world and who tell their teacher she's beautiful even when she is not feelilng it : )