Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The letter Y

I'm a day behind on my A to Z Challenge.  It is supposed to finish up today, the last day of April.  But, tomorrow I'll finish up with the letter Z.  (It's a tough letter so I better start thinking about it already.)

But, now, on with the letter Y.    My word is young.   I can remember like it was yesterday: oh, being young!   I mean it SEEMS like just yesterday.  I was just a kid starting out on my life, finishing college, joining the adult world, working, and having my own apartment.   I was young and a bit foolish, and excited, and unsure of my future.  That's what is so great about being young - all of life awaits you and it is still a lovely mystery.

When I was young I had some expectations about how I wanted my life to go.  They weren't detailed, but I wanted to have a family and be happy.  I wanted to be involved with music, and I wanted to make a difference in the world.  I remember thinking as a young person that after I died I wanted to be remembered  - in a good way.  I didn't want my time on earth to be forgotten.

Somewhere along my life path I stopped being young.  Age wise.  Consumer wise.  I moved into a different demographic.  I'm not sure when it happened...  was it when I first had children?  I wasn't the youngest mom in my group but I wasn't old...yet.   Maybe I stopped being young when I had to attend business events, and go on work trips with my husband.  I remember those days, getting dressed up to "look" older to try and fit in with the business associates and their wives.  I never really liked it.  It was stuffy, had expectations, felt phony a lot.

Did I stop being young when my daughters finished school and went off to live on their own?   Well, hum, first I'm in denial about that and still keep their bedrooms here at home.   But, no, if anything I felt more young inside because the burden of raising my daughters was done.  Mission accomplished - and well done if I say so myself!   I loved those school years with them but was also happy that we made it through, and then moved to a warmer climate - with more activities for me.   I finally took the opportunity to pursue more of "my" interests...music, gardening, new volunteering efforts.

So... when did I stop being young? 

What do you know! I don't think I have!  In my mind and heart I still feel young, and active, and I am very interested in all that happens around me.  Oh yes, the body has aged.  There's no denying it.  As I sit here and type my lower back is aching, and I have my regular appointment this week for my hair to be put back to it's "natural" color.  But me, the inside me, is still  very much young at heart! And...guess what?  I intend to stay young!

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  1. I'm still young too : ) Although I don't feel it every day, but I suppose I said that when I really was young and had no sleep and baby throw up on my shoulder too.