Monday, April 22, 2013

The letter S

After the 24 hours I have just had, I HAVE to say the letter S is for my sister!  Her name is Sue.

I found out last evening that my sister took a bad fall yesterday and broke her femur bone (the large bone that goes from the knee to the hip.)  She's my only sister, and she lives in another state - and it's about an 11 hour drive away. 

Now, thankfully, her daughter was able to go be with her, and she has some great girlfriends that are willing to help out.  But, it's the first time that I can EVER recall where my sister has had to deal with a physical problem that is major like this, one that that will keep her from work and from driving, etc.

Sue has always been pretty independent....well, she's had to be since her husband died back in '04.  She has had to work full-time,  pay her own way, find her own path with her love of music, and has been able to do what she wants when she wants.  So, even though it's probably too early for her to even know today because she's still drugged up after surgery, this is going to be a challenging time of healing ahead. 

I'm grateful that it wasn't worse.  I'm thankful that the doctors were able to put a plate and a bunch of screws in her leg today, and that even though she hit her head an MRI performed last night showed no concerns.  ( I hope to razzle her about it tho! Knocked some smarts out?)

We two sisters are five years apart in age. Yes, I was the bratty, annoying little sister!! ( I love to rub it in to her that I'm younger! ha!)   We were just far enough apart in age growing up that I was in a different school, and I was too young to do the cool things she was doing.  But, I was also the lucky one because she had to "break" Mom and Dad in...being the firstborn and a girl.  She fought the battles about clothes & hair styles, and dating.  So, I thank her for that!   She left home first and again, I got to watch her and see what life was like out there. 

Since that time when Sue left home -  to go off to college -  she and I have never lived together since.  In fact, we have lived many, many miles away from each other as I have moved all around the country.  But time, and children, and shared family experiences, have kept us in touch.  We have made it a point to be together at least twice a year. Usually.  But, now...  It seems we will be spending some time together VERY very soon.  I think when she gets released from the hospital "Miss Independence" will need some help as she mends.   Isn't that what sisters do?  

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