Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Letter D

Today's letter in the blogger's "A to Z Challenge" is the letter D.

D  is for daughters.
I will use today to tell you how blessed I am to have two beautiful daughters, Lauren & Kristen - and how much I love them! 

When I was a brand new, young mom I had no clue what would lie ahead for me.  What mother really does?  I didn't know what kind of children my girls would be, physically, emotionally, socially, and on...   having children is always a bit of a "pot luck" experience.   You take the combination you get and enjoy the mix and do your best to savor the moments. 

Sometimes when I was "in those moments" it was hard to take the time to enjoy them.  No lie.  Motherhood is tough at times, worrisome, challenging, tiring.   Right?  But, I can think back on those days and remember the joys and the experiences together, and really smile.   Some special ones include:

* Family car trips.  It didn't matter where we were going really because we made the trip an adventure.  We played games like "name a type of candy" or "name an animal".   "Name a city using the last letter of the name before" and many alphabet games going A to Z with license plates and signs on the road.  We listened to some great music! It was a time to introduce the girls to some of the parents favorites - like Frank Sinatra, and the Beatles, and now country! 

* Holiday traditions.   Sharing holidays and all that go with them has been a treat for me!  Carving pumpkins, and dying eggs.  Of course, decorating the Christmas tree! Summer weeks at Lakeside together.  And, now we celebrate the 4th of July BIG each year with friends and family at the beach!

* Church events.  Their baptisms and Confirmations.   Both daughters also participated in services as crucifer and acolyte. They attended Sunday School regularly with "strong" encouragement from me.  And we all attended Vacation Bible School each summer.

* School concerts and programs.   So many, many band and orchestra concerts!   I remember well a sinking feeling in my stomach when I attended the very last one. It was a small group of strings that performed at the catholic church for baccalaureate before graduation. It was Kristen's last performance.  I loved hearing music come from my girls... piano, flute, violin, trombone.  Kristen was even in a county singing group one year; Lauren tried out various instruments...and I remember lugging around a stringed bass for a few weeks!     Lauren danced...   Kristen played in a string group called "In Rare Form" for weddings and cocktail parties.

* The "Fabian Friday Night Family Dinner"!  During the girls high school years we made each Friday night dinner out a ritual!  Many, many dinners at Krogh's Restaurant in Sparta - followed closely behind enjoying dinners together at the Wearhouse Grill in Hopatcong.   Friends were welcome and often there were others along.  But, the four Fabians together on Friday night was a must!

If I sat down now and started popping  home movies in the DVD player I 'd be sitting here all day watching all those "moments" go by again - and really smile!    Seeing those little girls and hearing their cute little voices is priceless!  (Just as the Mastercard commercial says.)

Oh yes, my daughters were wonderful children (and I am just a bit biased!) - and now they have become amazing adults.  I am loving how they continue to learn and work hard, but still enjoy life around them.  I see them maturing, and I see how they care about people and situations.  I love the people they have in their lives - and the good decisions they make. 

So...D is definitely for my darling daughters!  They make this mother proud! 


  1. Beautiful! I miss those years but I am definitely proud of the adults my children grew into.

  2. Daughters are special. The little AND the big : )